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Aug 9, 2013
    1. Red Z71 Max
      Red Z71 Max
      Thanks Man!! Im pretty sure it would have been alot closer or you may have won if you posted the pict with the newer mods!!! You have a really nice truck and that thing has to fly with the performance mods you've done. Thanks for the compliment. It was a pleasure going up against a great group of trucks!!
    2. canavan1m
      hey man i was looking into getting the ready lift 4inch sst but when comparing it to the Rough Country 5inch Lift it just looks like the strut spacers and everything are so much smaller and that the lift will not be very noticeable; looking at your truck its the first sst lift ive seen that actually looks good and noticeable; i was just wondering what your opinion was on choosing between the RC 5inch and the SST 4inch i really want the 4 inch but at the same time the 5inch just looks so much bigger but idk if its worth cutting up my sub frame for the 5inch since the 4inch almost has not cutting involved; i love the look of a 6inch lift but i drive way to much highway to compromise for the gas mileage and the crapy handling you get, so IYO do you think the 4inch is enough to get noticed just around town i guess in a sense is it comparable to a 6inch lift
      thanks for your help man
    3. Ryan DAly
      Ryan DAly
      hey just a quick question about painting to match. How did you go about painting the plastic on the front end by the tow hooks, or did you pay someone to do that, if you did how much did they charge you? Same with the door handles and bumpers.
    4. BrownPats420
      I like how your truck came out I would love to do the headlights like that on mine but the police here love to nag you for no amber reflectors. Nice rig though man, thumbs up!
    5. Rockstarrchevy81
      Oh okay man. Yeah the readylift actually makes really nice kit's allot of people dont see that but i has the 2.25 inch leveling kit before my lift. Only thing about the RCX lift is the shocks and soon to come i will have bilsteins all the way around the truck. Hopefully next week or somethin i can have my Light smoke Vinyl tint in they let me keep the Blackout film since i really didn't need it and now i decided to just use it on other things to tint somehow.
    6. Rockstarrchevy81
      Yeah i hear that man, you can lift your truck i only paid 1,100$ for my lift and 300$ to get it put on by my buddy at GM dealership which is hell of a deal. I'm thinking about adding a 1.5 inch Zone body lift but before i was thinking about a 3 inch Zone bodylift. I think that will be too much lift even though i'm tall but it get's just about dumb to lift the truck too high in my opinion. I just want to be able to clear 35 13.50's without any rubbing and i will have 9 inchs on my truck ha 10.5 inches is too much on a everyday driver. I plan on blacking out my chrome star emblems on my rockstars tomorrow with the blackout vinyl tint because painting them would be too much of a pain. Anyway man where are you from? I live in Mississippi right where the MS and Louis. meet.
    7. BillM
      It is a Magnacharger 1900 TVS supercharger. It cost me $6K, and I installed it myself. But, then add the dyno time and tune and that was another $400. It is definitely worth it. I even blew up my transmission's clutches, and had to re-build it to much stronger specs and add a higher stall converter. Would I do it again? You BET!!
    8. silveradotrailblazer
      I haven't played with a Trinity as far as adjusting LTFT's, but check out Diablo's Trinity forum. Sorry but somehow I lost you last message and can't remmember your second question.:lol:
    9. jdennis44
      its the vht tint spray. the same stuff most people are spraying their tail lights with now. thanks.
    10. jdennis44
      Thanks man. my fog lights are actually tinted.
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    roof bolter souther coal corp
    2011 lt2 silverado crew cab Z71, 2007 silverado ext cab, 1970 el camino SS 396 4 speed
    names matt everybody calls me balthis. workin ful time in the coal mines


    -2011 silverado 1500-
    -diablo trinity
    -k&n cold air
    -air aid tb spacer
    -full 3 inch y pipe back no resanotor
    -cherry bomb xtreme dumped
    -ready lift sst 4 inch lift
    -305/55/20 nitto trial graps
    -20x10 fuel hostages
    -2012 jeep wrangler-
    -smittybilt stinger src bumper
    -smittybilt src rock sliders
    -smitty bilt xrc 8000comp whinch
    -285/70/17 cooper discovery stt
    -1.5 wheel spacers
    -delta xenon cross bar head lights
    -2007 silverado 1500 sold-
    -warn 7 in hid fog ligths
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