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Loveland, CO
Clearing out old storage units and warehouses, and

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Dec 16, 2012
    1. x1LSUTigerfan
      Thanks for the response on the molding I de-molded it and discovered that the truck had been repainted, so it looks like crap under the molding, and that someone did bondo on one peice and didnt even take the molding off they just bondoed around it.
    2. canislupis69
      Thanks! Took a lot of time to tape it off and sand it down to prep for the paint, but I am happy with the results.
    3. Chevyboy96
      Will mess with your mileage a little and power, but not that huge of a difference IMO
    4. Chevyboy96
      Don't have to regear, just restores the power band for the engine a bit.
    5. Chevyboy96
      Re-gear ran around 1600 I think total with the tru-trac
    6. Chevyboy96
      No extensions, just the 6" RCD Kit, tires, and I did regear to 4:56's when I had the chance.LIFT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!:great:
    7. Chevyboy96
      Thanks for the picture comment. Yes, they are 35's
    8. s5belford
      I love seeind dogs play in the snow. we have a black lab/mutt and LOVES the snow and fresh cut grass! every time she walks out**** its face first into a big drift and then has to roll around in it! glad to hear you're enjoying the snow too!
    9. Knucklehead
      For some reason the auto parts store didnt carry black, i had to order it off its holding up great, except for one of my front rims where i only had enough for one coat got three coats on the other ones, i think when i get another can to do that one again im also gonna put some clear coat on them , also from the same line of products, usualy in stock at the auto stores.
    10. gmagilla
      Thanks. Just wanted a pickup and with the high miles and rust it had no trade value so I got out the plasma and just made myself an Avaburb.Oh ya the wife thought I was NUTS !Now I just need time to finish it .
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    Loveland, CO
    Clearing out old storage units and warehouses, and
    Currently own a black 1991 Chevy half-ton 4x4. Previously owned a lifted 1990 Suburban 4x4. First
    I'm 18 and in college full time and work part-time. I love being outdoors and going 4-wheelin'!

    4-wheeling, wakeboarding, camping, workin on my truck...


    Current truck: 1996 Ford 250, 7.3 Powerstroke diesel. Dana 60 SAS, stage 1 160cc injectors, T500 High Pressure Oil Pump, TS 6-position chip, full 4" exhaust, intake, 285 Falken Rocky Mountain AT's, boost/EGT/trans temp pillar gauges, etc...

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