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    1. CoDaChrome
      the grill i have is the stock one with a aircraft aluminum insert that i bought on ebay it just has long screws that go all the way through the stock grill so there is no cutting or changing the stock one hope that helps and thanks i really like your truck
    2. TRPLXL2
      Not a problem, I just wish I could have helped more!
    3. TRPLXL2
      I would have to see a picture of this harness your talking about, because that could really be for anything on the truck. My harness was tucked behind he radiator support which is close to where your talking about, if it is only a two wire hookup then I would say yes it is for the foglight. If it has more than one wire then I am lost, I have a detailed manual of all the wiring diagrams so a picture would help. It is hard to find info on stuff like that, but I would say that can make up your own harness with no problem with the one's from LMC. It's not hard once you do one, but other than the dealer I don't know where you would get that harness at either?
    4. TRPLXL2
      Sorry about that, I hope that someone else will step up and show you an easier way than that. I waited for someone to post on your question and no one did, so I just figured I would at least throw that out there. Maybe someone will see it and give you some other ideas, I kind of feel bad now that I got you all messed up. It wasn't my intention believe me, apologies are officially given................AMY
    5. TRPLXL2
      I hope I didn't freak you out with all that wiring stuff, I tend to get carried away. I have used those connectors on everything on my truck with no problem, and most of my connectors are underneath the truck or out in the weather.
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