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May 15, 2012
    1. Blackout07
      Thank you sir. I believe I saw a thread where you mentioned the Sierra. I say go for it.
    2. ChevyFan
      love the look of your truck, I'm looking at an all blacked out Sierra.
    3. Blackout07
      No, my ABS light has never come on. I really like the 50 series too. It's nice and deep when I gas it, but otherwise relatively quiet, and no drone in the cab. I do have quite a few chips, but from what I've read, fender flares won't save you. Mud flaps are the only thing that will.
    4. Pflor86
      hey, just went out with a tape and a level i guess mounted with the weight of the truck they are a little over 35 but just free standing they were over 36 easy.. a few questions for you though did your abs light come on with the diablo sport because mine did and how do you like that flowmaster 50 cause i have been looking at the borla cat back and from the youtube videos it sounds sick and have your tires destroyed the sides of your truck because i am ordering some fender flares this week because i am scared i cant drive 10 feet without getting my truck a mess
    5. Blackout07
      I painted it all myself and I have zero chips on the bumper, but the grille shell has a couple. I'm going to shoot them again and put down some heavy clear and I think it will be just fine with the heavy base that's on there now. It's really best to have the bumpers powder coated though.
    6. 08SierraZ71
      beautiful truck man, looks awesome.
      did you have all the chrome painted? I've been looking into options to black mine out, but I keep getting told that paint on chrome will chip really easily
    7. Blackout07
      I think I have everything listed in my sig other than a couple of interior mods. I'm going to regear the truck pretty soon too.
    8. chevymanlobo
      man i gotta say... your truck is a complete BEAST!! what all mods do you have on it!?
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