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Jul 17, 2012
    1. FrigginNoodles
      That's awesome they set the place for the meet! Definitely down to grab a few beers after!
    2. FrigginNoodles
      Weather has been awesome, finally got around to washing the truck last week. Nothing done on the exhaust yet, but hopefully will be able to do it soo. Now that you've had it for a bit, how's the leveling kit? I thought I saw your truck at the mall the other day, but then I noticed no GMTC sticker on the window.
    3. AMac
      hehe...Yep waiting for the warm weather to get here though! Daylight savings time ends this weekend which is nice for those mid-week car washes. Although I did pretty well doing it in the dark the other night...lightly snowed over night so I took the california car duster and brushed it off...haha
    4. silveradokid
      Well I believe that its a 4" sus and a 3" body lift
    5. Countryboyswag69
      hey me and a friend just opened up a offroad shop and looking for some new customers we sell anything you can think of and we can get you anything you need if your interested in a lift, projector headlights, rims and tires. Let me know if i can help you with anything you need.
    6. LB'07-Z
      Awesome, I bet it does look sweet on your truck I just mounted a stick on light in mine and that was a pretty sweet addition.
    7. LB'07-Z
      Not much and for the cost I'd say it can't be beat. Material wise you can tell she's a bit cheaper but all in all its a good box the hydraulics are good locks and latches all work fine. And I love the no drill attachment. Weather wise mine may be a bit too new to tell but the truck I drove when I was 16 was my dads and he still has it and I put a tsc toolbox on it nearly 6 years ago and its still in great shape. I say all that to say this... In my opinion its the best bang for your buck.
    8. Vincennes02261897
      Black on black takes it for the win every time in my opinion. I love the color of my truck, but if I could pick any other color, it would probably be black. There's just something overly aggressive/tactiCOOL/mean/intense/manly/insert-other-cool-adjective about a truck like that. Best of luck to you in your mod processes.
    9. sstoner911
      Whats up Brownpats! Are you a Browns fan? We are Texas Longhorn Fans and so of course we follow Colt McCoy with the Browns. Thanks for the kind words on my truck....Look forward to seeing you on the forums.!
    10. FrigginNoodles
      Just wanted to say what's up. Hopefully you're finding the site useful. I have done all sorts of mods to my truck if you ever need a hand or need anything on the site just let me know.
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    Adams, MA
    Deisel Mechanic
    2003 GMC Sierra EXT Cab Z71
    1982 Pontiac Trans Am
    1979 Pontiac Firebird
    I'm Nate, 23 years old, full time mechanic, and I love my truck and cars!

    Vintage Restoration, Boston Sports, anything outdoors


    2003 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE 5.3
    Factory Tint
    Recon Taillights
    2.5 ReadyLift Leveling Kit
    Low Profile Toolbox
    Westin Nerf Steps
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