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Nov 10, 1988 (Age: 26)
Goose bay, Labrador Canada
Correctional Officer

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    1. Z-71
      Hey, I haven't been on here in quite a while but I noticed you asked me a question. You probably already got your system done but I figured I would reply anyway. In my exact setup with the amp tuned my 10's hit pretty hard. I had to raise the front of the box about an inch because they started hitting the floor. With the windows down it feels like a much larger system.
    2. ljmueller
      Very nice ride, I think this is the first time I've stumbled across your pics. How big of lift is that? And that signature is awesome. Glad to see your still rockin the stock rims.
    3. GMCErica
      Hey B#2
      things are good.. Got over that pneumonia thing, but I am still feeling bad, can't eat, feel sick all the time... back to the dr. Pesky doctors.. LOL I just came back from Toronto, on vacay, it was nice.. Got to hang with family and friends, I haven't been on in a long time.. Jut busy with work. we should catch up when you have some time..
      Have a great day :) B
    4. Dirty Dog
      Dirty Dog
      Hey Burden:) just wanted to say Hi from sask.....hows the spring going up there has it sprung yet?,, it did here then it dumped on us today....
    5. Chevy Newby
      Chevy Newby
      Well were do I begin lol? I want all type of stuff. I gotta have the lift kit like yours and I want these Gear Alloy 722c wheels that just look killer! And I would love to get the Rocker Pods from GMTC member Doberman. I checked out his wesite and saw that killer puch bar, have you seen it? But that stuff is kinda pricey so I might have to make my wife put her glass heels on and stand on the corner so pappa can get his toys lol.
    6. Chevy Newby
      Chevy Newby
      oh God no! I will have a shop do it for me. I really want the 2500 but cant afford it, so the wife gave me the ok to trick my truck as long as I dont start a new note all over again.
    7. Chevy Newby
      Chevy Newby
      Hey whats up bro? How has thing been? I am thinking about doing my lift kit this summer. How do you like the FabTech kit you have?
    8. MoveOver4Z
      Thx, the bowtie is fairly simply to remove, its got 2 clips molded into the bowtie that insert into the gill so all you have to
      do is reach behind the grill and squeeze the clips and push the bowtie out. If it is to difficult that way, the grill is held in by a couple screws
      and is also easily removed :)
    9. MoveOver4Z
      Looking over your truck and I noticed your visors arn't in-channel like mine so if I painted them white the black rubber window seal would stand out above them and i dont know exactly how that would look :s
    10. MoveOver4Z
      Hey Burden did you paint the window visors or something else? I really like they way they look and have been thinking about painting mine.
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    Nov 10, 1988 (Age: 26)
    Goose bay, Labrador Canada
    Correctional Officer
    2008 Silverado 1500LT 5.3L
    2011 Ford Raptor f150 SVT 6.2L



    Fabtech/Banks Ram Air |Fuel Off Road/ 315/70/17 duratracs |Hyper tech / Spencershids |
    Color Matched Bowtie |15% Tint on Front Windows|20% Tint on Back Windows

    Chevy Ridin' High
    "Black rims are as cool as a boner at a swim meet"
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