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Dec 30, 2008
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Concord, NC
Loss Prevention/Air Force Reservist

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New Member, from Concord, NC

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Aug 11, 2014
    1. Derekcothran
      With ur 2008 5.3 with 35s
    2. Derekcothran
      Hey i was wondering what kind of gas mileage u got with ur truck be4 and after u put 4.56 gears
    3. ChevyFan
      Hey, how are things going for you?
    4. seahawksdude
      I have seen your pics on K&N website too.
    5. seahawksdude

      I hope you get this message. Love your truck. I have finally found someone with a similar truck as mine so I can see what my truck will look like. I havent begun to start my upgrades. Need guidance as I begin. I have a 08 5.3L LT Extended cab.

      I am looking to do a 6" + 17 or 20" BMF M80's 35" Tires not sure brand yet. Not sure Suspension brand yet. I like Skyjacker because I would like leaf springs instead of Blocks for the rear. I dont really know if I need 4.10 Gear Ratio or 4.56 . And with the lift what kind of calibration will need to be done for ABS and Speedometer.

      Im in Afghanistan right now. I am looking begin the transformation when i get home. any help would be great. my gmail account is
    6. ChevyFan
      Let us know when you get back ...
    7. ChevyFan
      Hey are you still in Afghanistan for now? Keep us updated!
    8. ChevyFan
      CONGRATS on moving past 5,000 posts!!!
    9. ChevyFan
      ... also, I think I deleted your Avatar on accident during the last update. Sorry, you'll have to upload it again I think.
    10. ChevyFan
      Thanks for being such a good member to the site. I'm going to give you a free upgrade to Gold Supporter status for three months.
    11. Natedog
      For what, LOL
    12. fightingfires90
      ok sweet. i think i want to go with a set of those in 18'' i have stock 20'' right now but it seems like there are more options for tires if you go with 18'' wheels instead of 20''
    13. fightingfires90
      hey got a question about your wheels. what offset and bolt pattern did you select. and can you remove the small red pieces on the wheel to paint them a different color or would i need to do a good tape job on them
    14. Rockstarrchevy81
      I hear that man Sergeant First Class is some good pay Sarg i'm a E4 Corporal i only been in 3 1/2 years so far going on 4 year's might sign a few more year's after my 6 years just depends on school or not.
    15. Rockstarrchevy81
      well good luck on the deployment man hopefully next year i'll go and be done for good going over sea's get's hard sometimes leaving family and friends. I hope you and everyone else in your unit comes back in one piece man keep that head low and good luck bro.
    16. Rockstarrchevy81
      Hey man i have a question i just ordered the N-Fab cab length black nerf steps and have a question about them. How easy is it to install the nerf steps do the holes on the frame align with the steps so no drilling? Also can i install a 1.5 inch zone body lift if i already have the steps on without taking them off? Thanks, Jake
    17. aldepalma
      hey first of your truck is awesome!!.. i had a quick question about your blacked out bow ties i was wondering how you did them i see alot of post's about how to remove the front one and i can do that easily but i am stumped with the rear.. how did you do yours??
    18. Chewbacon
      Thanks for the welcome. Love the look of your truck mate, wish I could afford a black paint job.
    19. rebeals
      Ok great! Thanks for the info!!!
    20. rebeals
      Hello, I am new to GM Truck club and just bought a 2011 Black Silverado 1500. I live here in Charlotte, NC and was wondering where you got your Bumpers painted/powder coated at? Also are you pleased with the way they came out and do they match the paint of the rest of the truck? Thanks for any input, I can't really stand the Chrome Bumpers and want to have mine black asap.
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    Concord, NC
    Loss Prevention/Air Force Reservist
    1980 Mazda GLC
    1992 Isuzu Pickup
    1996 Camaro
    1991 Ford Ranger
    2003 Yamaha V-Star 1100
    2005 Acur
    Trucks, ATV's, Mountain Biking, My Reserve Military Career


    Bobby - North Carolina
    2008 4x4 5.3L V8
    6" Suspension Lift and 1.5" Body Lift
    20x9 Ballistic Jesters w/35" Toyo Open Country MT's & 1.5" rear wheel spacers
    4:56 Yukon Gears
    Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator
    Baja style bed mount spare tire carrier
    Flowmaster 40 series dual exhaust
    Recon Smoked LED tails/3rd brake lights/black projectors w/switchback LED's in the corners
    N-Fab Nerf Steps
    K&N CAI
    No Fear Pedals
    Tint, Line-X bedliner, Window visors, Rear wheel well liners
    Painted front grill, bow ties and door badges, de-"lettered" tailgate
    Powder coated front and rear bumpers
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