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May 22, 2014
Jul 4, 2006
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Seattle, WA
Health Care field

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Chevy Girl

New Member, from Seattle, WA

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May 22, 2014
    1. AMac
      haha...more like where have YOU been?
    2. chevytruckprincess
      I haven't been hiding, just moving and trying to get all of the conferences I'm attending this year lined up. How have you been?
    3. AMac
      Hey Chevy Girl! What's kickin?
    4. Chevy Girl
      Chevy Girl
      cold and rainy weather anyone?
    5. chevytruckprincess
      The truck is still the same. I'm currently trying to decide whether I want to keep it for a long time, turn it into a street legal drag truck, and buy a crossover that gets good gas mileage...or if I want to trade it in a couple of years for a bigger truck. It's a tough decision. I'm toughing out the cold, but I'm ready for summer already! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!
    6. GMCErica
      Hey Girl
      How are you? Long time no speak... How are you doing during the holidays.... Im sure that your super busy and stuff... MSG ME when your online next... talk to you soon MERRY CHRISTMAS
    7. chevytruckprincess
      Hey! I'm great, just staying super busy with the Holidays! How have you been?
    8. savagetman
      thank you, i hope u are having a wonderful weekend
    9. The Heater
      The Heater
      Hi, Chevy Girl:

      It looks like you are in the Seattle area. Wife and I were in the Macy's Parade on Black Friday. We were with the Puget Sound Dalmatian Club section (right in front of the Seattle Fire Department, of course). Thanks for the welcome note. See you around, girl!

    10. Waldo Castellanos
      Waldo Castellanos
      thanks for the welcome. i see the site is a bit slow on reaction time btu they come around ! ! thanks again
    11. Jaele
      thank you, glad to be here
    12. Kady
      I'm back! I broke my laptop and never bothered to fix either computer... but I'm back now, Lmao.
    13. eumirex
      hello welcome to gm club
    14. backcountry horsewoman
      backcountry horsewoman
      Glad to find another chick on this testosterone filled site. Thanks for the friend & group invite! I have one other, slightly larger color tat on my leg, and am getting my 3rd this spring. You?
    15. stephan
      "Bye bye Miss American Pie, Drove my Chevrolet to the Levrolet, but the Levrolet was dry..."
      ha ha that's a classic Ill never forget it, & should be used repeatedly when ever GM tries the Chevrolet vs Chevy crap. Thanks
    16. Eddie Z71
      Eddie Z71
      Just wanted to say thanks! Hope you are doing great! Talk to you later!
    17. 383man
      hey, are you from seattle originally? I'm moving back to western washington in september, can't wait
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    Seattle, WA
    Health Care field


    Chevy Trailblazer LS 4x4
    Seattle, WA
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