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Dec 1, 2004
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It's a rock and roll world! Aug 20, 2014 at 12:20 AM

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    1. ChevyFan
      It's a rock and roll world!
    2. mud runner
      mud runner
      no problem thanks for fixing it for me
    3. chevytruckprincess
      Lol. Don't ever worry about prying, I'm a pretty open book. I think I'm all good on everything, thank you for your kindness. I actually traded the truck off at the end of last November for what I call my "grown up car", but don't worry it's just temporary until I can afford a new monster of a Silverado. :money:
    4. chevytruckprincess
      Thank you! Lol. No, not married yet. Maybe in the next year or two though, just trying to get through everything we have going on right now first before we take on another big life task!
    5. chevytruckprincess
      I'm good. The Moore tornado actually just missed my apartment by a few hundred yards, but luckily only busted a window and had some water damage. I was, however, forced to move out this past weekend by management. Luckily, I close on my new house 2 weeks from tomorrow though! How's everything going with you?
    6. chevytruckprincess
      Hey, Steve! I'm good, just trying to recover from all of the tornadoes up here in Oklahoma the last couple of weeks. It hit a little too close to home this time, but all is well. :great:
    7. Kady
      Here, Always here. Just missing sometimes. :)
    8. Z71_guy
      well, I have been in Afghanistan just got back
    9. AMac
      Hey Steve, ya been a little busy but trying to log on at least once a week. Haven't been driving the truck much so mods and fixes aren't on my priority list but they soon will be come spring time.
    10. silverhobey
      Steve, you must have few pages/computers running...boy you seem busy!!!!...You do such
      a good job that you make it seem easy from here:great:...Brian
    11. Kady
      I've been trying to come on every day or every other. :)
    12. 1953bowtieguy
      Hi steve i was wondering if i could buy a logo from you?
    13. DZI388
      Hey Steve, what is the coupon code for the decal?
    14. r76davey
      Steve, Would love a sticker for the dually. Thanks!
      Rob Davey
      3891 Pintail ct.
      Merced Ca. 95340
    15. Brezak8
      Hey I'm trying to navigate the site on my iPhone it's not letting me view or post in certain areas. Is there a iPhone app for this site?
    16. AutoAnything
      Steve, did you want to try the shocks giveaway this week?
    17. TLC John
      TLC John
      Steve. How's the contest going? Looking forward to sending out to the winner. John
    18. Knucklehead
      Yeah, I have been out of it for a bit. Sold my gmc for a ford! NOT!!! Haha, im back :lol:
    19. Dirty Dog
      Dirty Dog
      good day Steve , just wanted to say hellos and thank you for all your efforts here, it seems you do tons of work with this site... I wish my time allowed me to undertake half your efforts.... I am still trying to figure out how all aspects of the site work..... but i am catching on...
      I hope you don't mind all my none sense but i really like to have fun in real time and on line.... My summers are very busy and not much time to do other then work, but my winters are very open and free from most work.. and would be happy to help anyway i could .....
      Since I found this site/ forum my mornings have been great....
      thanx:glasses: again.....
    20. Sierraowner5.3
      just wanted to let you know I got the stickers you sent me. Thanks alot Steve. Really Appreciate it.
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