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May 26, 2012
    1. Megasaurus
      How have things been?
    2. 383man
      got the tail lights off of ebay, and the 3rd brake light off of, it's my baby, still need a few things though, side steps, and maybe a RBP mesh grill
    3. Rockstarrchevy81
      Hey man your truck's looking good since you put the lift on bud. What size lift... look's like a 6inch and it look's allot better lifted. What size tires and rim's are you running also. I have some rubbing with my 7.5 inch lift and i have 33 13.50's. Only time it rub's is when i turn full lock backing up i believe because my tires are so wide is what it is they stick out a good bit compared to a 12.50. I plan on running 35 12.50's nitto trail grappler and i'm hoping this would cause the rubbing to go away... but good job on the truck man looks great.
    4. Rockstarrchevy81
      Thanks appreciate man. The first Rockstars i had were the all black one's and after i got them 2 or 3 other people had them lol. I decided to sell mine and get the new Machined Black Rockstars because i haven't ever seen any like them around here and still nobody has them but me so far which is good. What size lift you getting put on.. i have a 7.5 inch lift and 33 13.50's but after these wear down going with a 35 12.50 nitto trail grappler heard some good news on them and everything good. Let me know when you get a pic posted with the lift man.
    5. r6realtor
      Hey guys sorry I havent been responding but I guess im not getting email notifacations?? and maybe to some of you I have responded to?? its a fabtech 7" lift which is advertised as a 6" but it always runs a bit bigger, I also have 2" spacers on top of that with a bigger block in the back and an extra add a leaf, so im close to 9" or so. Thank you all for the compliments!!!
    6. chucknorris
      hm well it looks good man, ill prolly do the leveling kit an a 5' suspension lift as well, prolly 35s..but ive been tossin the idea around of 33s.
    7. Shorty 71
      Shorty 71
      Yea just a leveling kit from readylift.
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    2009 Silverado Crew Cab LT
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