CS-10 86
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Feb 15, 2011
Jan 28, 2009
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CS-10 86

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Feb 15, 2011
    1. chev294
      I like it. it really helped out the free flowing intake. Noticeable gains vs. stock sensor. I think it was worth it, and i WILL get its moneys worth..haha
    2. s5belford
      not a problem on the delay, but thanks for the response. what did you pay for the lights and the fog lights? and are those the 6000k?
    3. s5belford
      Where did you get your HID's? they look great!
    4. bac-n-afect
      I noticed that you have mounted a sub in your truck. I was curious where you put it. I was thinking that if one sub was enough I might try a mount inside the storage compartment between the front seats. I mean the lockable lower compartment. How does your sound?
    5. brownpridex111
      your gonna get the glue hot to open the headlight easier i just want to open my head lights to paint them black but only the orange part
    6. Darknesss23
      I thought in your pic you said you guys pried off the amber bits from the headlights...?
    7. s5belford
    8. s5belford
      I have a few more plans for my truck. I already got the front windows tinted, and a GREAT tip for yours is a set of wheel house liners, the least expensive set I could find was $100, they were pretty easy to install and I LOVE the look of them plus they save your bed from stone chips and hopefully prevent rust. I also got a set of molded mud flaps that I really like and I went to muffler man the other day and had a knock off flowmaster installed for $125 which I'm very happy with. I ordered a cold air intake and tonneau cover that came in last Friday and neither of them fit (I'm pissed) Finally I ordered a set of silver birch vent visors and silver birch painted mirror covers so I'm pretty excited for those to come in. Any plans for your new truck?
    9. s5belford
      what year and engine is in your truck?
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    '70 Chevy C10 Fleetside Shortbed
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    '09 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab
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