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Apr 24, 2013
Jun 9, 2008
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Brookfield, Ct.

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New Member, from Brookfield, Ct.

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Apr 24, 2013
    1. sailincale
      hey man, been trying to get ahold of one of those black bowties for the front grille. where did you get yours? is it a new piece or a sticker over the old one?
    2. tlperry68
      Well I haven't been on this site for a while but last month you asked why the hog I harvested is called a razor back. The answer is somewhat conveluted. The more common name for this type of ferral hog is wild hog. The common name in USA is razorback. The wild boar is a direct descendent from the Eurasian wild boar. Believed to have been introduced to the Americas in the 16th century. It really is preference, some call it a boar, some call it a razorback.
    3. s5belford
      I paid $305 for it the CAI but I'd be willing to sell it for $200. I'm not really looking for a new bumper, but thanks for the offer. Just let me know what ya think.

      and your Vortec decals look great!
    4. Henchman
      Hey man, love the Vortec touch. Is that reflective tape only seen at night? That's awesome. Truck Looks good! I haven't done anything lately to my truck. I'm probably going to wait until after winter.
    5. SoCal Chevy
      SoCal Chevy
      haha that sounds about right. me and my dad are lucky were both just barely small enough to fit in it.
      my dad brought it to my water polo tournement this weekend and parked it face to face with my silvy. it looked like a little toy haha
    6. SoCal Chevy
      SoCal Chevy
      haha yah it is pretty small but its so fast id just stay the hell away from a trucker haha. i will admit tho that the porsche is probly aLOT easier to get in and out of haha
    7. TRPLXL2
      The PIAA bulbs were $74.99 a set, and I had two sets in my headlights one for the high beam and one for the low beam. I got a lot of flack from members on here about the cost, but I really didn't want HID's because everyone has them. I was super happy with them, I actually just bought two more sets of them for my S-10 which will be going in next summer. Another reason I didn't go with HID's was I had no where to mount the ballasts, I already had a ton of wiring run through that truck.
    8. TRPLXL2
      That's a good idea actually, I am thinking of going with a lime green paint for the trip needle. I am going to use green LED's for behind the gauges, and a white face overlay so the glow in the dark paint would be cool. Thanks for the idea!
    9. bac-n-afect
      I am deffinately looking for some replacements! Like you said 17 k I'm on par for about the same. I ALMOST bought some procomps when they had that buy 3 get one free sale last month. Thanks for the tip on the tires. As far as putting black vinyal (sp?) in the center of each spoke? Styling wise sounds like a kick A ides but I wonder if they would actually stay put? With all the rocks, water, mud, pressure washing and centrifical force. Paint would last a lot longer! I like the idea tho. Have you ever thought about removing the amber turn sigan lenses from inside the headlight assembly? There is a guy on this forum that has started posting a writeup on it. It's coming along nicely.
      Have a good night
    10. bac-n-afect
      As far as the rims. I had those and dinged one pretty good. went to replace it and found that they wanted 650$ per. Take care of those. I didn't want to switch but I had plenty of cash to make a change after ebaying the 3 good ones.
    11. bac-n-afect
      I am looking for a good tire. Deffinately not happy with the goodyears that it came with
    12. Henchman
      I've got more pictures of my truck, you just have to go to my profile and click all albums. I do have more of the truck, but I only have so much memeory that I can use on this site. I'd have to erase some of the one's that I have in my other albums.
    13. Henchman
      Hey man. Yeah I've done quit a bit to the outside of my truck. I've added the chrome door handles, side view mirror caps and tow hooks. I've also added the rear wheel house liner and the stainless steel bed tie downs. I've also added chrome bowties on the front and back. Next thing I will be working on will be the engine. I'm going try and push it over 400 HP by next spring, maybe more. I also had dual exhaust put on.
      I was looking at your ride and I was wondering what was up with the red tow hooks? Do you have different plans for your truck?
    14. CS-10 86
      CS-10 86
      Oh my bad, yeah we did. Totally misunderstood you.
    15. CS-10 86
      CS-10 86
      Hey man sorry for the late reply, and sorry to ruin your thought. I cut mine. Well a 2nd pair. I went and bought a 2nd pair of headlights, so i could still use my truck while i am attempting to clear my headlights. Now a friend is finishing up the process. Here is the write up we followed for the most part.

      Good luck man, if you got questions on what things we did, go ahead and drop me a line and i'll do my best to get back to you ASAP.
    16. Long_John_Silverado
      got both of them from ebay for less than $50 shipped.
    17. cginstructor

      It cost around $500 to have them completely done ...
    18. masterfoxscout
      I wish that I could help, but I'm not very savvy on the NNBS trucks. The thing with 34.5s is that basically anything 34.5 and larger can be looped into the 35" tire category. I am almost 100% sure that with a 2" that you would more than likely get some rub on the front, but again...I'm not certain. Toss a question up in the forums and I'm sure you'll get a better answer as there are a bunch of folks out there win NNBS trucks.

      the 275/65s are about the same width as the stock tires...but are almost 3" larger in diameter. I think 33s would be the best fit here, AND you shouldn't need to regear your axles with 33s.
    19. bvogts25
      i got my LED side bars from advance auto parts. it was on sale for $80 and the original price is $180. streetglow makes it
    20. tigersdl65
      Heyou can go on EBAY and buy those fire fghter edition 4x4 or Z71 decals
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    Brookfield, Ct.
    2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3L V8 LTZ Ext Cab/Std Bed

    2005 Acura TL 3.2L V6
    Volunteer Firefighting, cooking, tailgating, bon fires, weight lifting


    2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ 5.3L EC/Std Bed 4x4 Flexfuel
    Full Metal Jacket Spray on Bed Liner
    Black Powder coat Diamond Plate Weatherguard Tool Box
    Corsa Performance Sport Exhaust System
    K&N Flat Panel OEM replacement Air Filter
    Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo tires P275/55/R20
    Black Reflective pinstripe and VORTEC hood lettering
    Billet front bowtie
    Rear Bowtie Delete
    Blue strobe grille lights
    Blue strobe rear window lights
    Blue LED Mini Light bar in front Grille
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