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Sep 1, 2007
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San Diego
I manage a music company. We sell everything from

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Rockstar, from San Diego

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Sep 22, 2010
    1. jasondavis1189
      Can you still get the robby gordon beadlocks for 250? I'm looking for 17" 6x5.5". Please call or text me at 702-449-0442
    2. blacknight97
      very nice truck man! whered you get that gas cap at? ive been looking for one like that!
    3. TRPLXL2
      Now you sound like me with the discount! I always get extra goodies put on a vehicle, and basically that is what the discount goes for. I would love to get a picture or two from you of your new car, a few guys at work have the RS/SS Camaro's and they are BAAAAAAAD!!

      BTW- For another $7,900 you can get a MagnaCharger Factory installed on that 6.2, and it is covered under the GM factory waranty plus it gives a cool 525 RWHP!
    4. TRPLXL2
      Absolutely I would do that for you, If I don't use them than I lose them anyways and I am not going to be buying a new vehicle for a real long time. It would save you about $3,000 at minuimum, and depending on how beefed up it would be up to $7,000 off. We used to be able to get GM Supplier pricing, but they did away with that effective January 1st of this year. Just let me know ahead of time when you get ready to buy or order one, and I will get the authorization code and e-mail it to you. I'll keep an eye out for ya!
    5. TRPLXL2
      Wow I can't believe you are getting rid of your truck, but I know the feeling of being overwhelmed too. Hey are you wanting to buy a brand new Camaro, if so I can get you the GM discount for friends and family. Let me know and I will get you the authorization #, It will save you a couple thousand dollars at least. I am hanging in there by the skin of my teeth, but hopefully I will get everything straightened out. It was good hearing from you again, talk to you later.
    6. TRPLXL2
      Its good to see you again, I thought you forgot all about us! I sold my silverado a few months ago, things got financially messed up and I had to sell it. I have a bunch of **** planned this summer for my s10, so keep your eyes peeled!
    7. TRPLXL2
      Merry christmas!

      How's your dog doing, i know you were training him the last time we talked?
    8. jerrynino
      daytime brotha... only with the daytime running lights. im thinking of just removing the drl fuse... will that work?
    9. jerrynino
      hey rob remember that hid problem i was having about them flickering for a bit, well its still going on and its pissing me off. what is that idc you installed and where can i find them? are they expensive?
    10. Doberman
      Thanks!....It took almost 6 months to get them there. I swear I must have tried everything even used those nasal strips taped to the inside LOL!
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    San Diego
    I manage a music company. We sell everything from
    05 Silverado
    07 Avalanche
    07 Silverado
    I am a musician who has a passion for sounds even the sounds that come out out of my 07 Silverado

    music, off roading


    K&N Intake
    Hypertech Max Energy
    PRO COMP 17" RIMS 33" goodyear shoes
    Pioneer Avic D3 nav/DVD
    Chrome running boards
    Chrome door handles
    Dual tv/dvd in headrest
    HID's (8000k)
    Rear view camera
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