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May 25, 2009
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Homerville Ga
High School student/football player/blueberry pick

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Rockstar, from Homerville Ga

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Jan 9, 2013
    1. larryleeUSN
      sorry this has taken so long ive been deployed. i got it off EBAY.
    2. Pete4757
      Nice truck.........Hey I found a set of 2 Crave Off-Roads from a few places on-line, where did did you get yours?
    3. 02 Heavy Chevy
      02 Heavy Chevy
      You probably found this out already but the fuse isn't mounted on the truck, its a break in the wire itself where you install a fuse.
    4. larryleeUSN
      id deff have to say that with just my 6 inch lift and leveling kit. when i ran the 36 inch iroks they looked amazing. but they were on 20's. id have to say on the stick rims the cooper stt's were quite nice. had them in a 35-12.50-17, but they also have 37's which i wish i got them instead. thay are good all around but when they are brand new the type of mud where im from they liked to search for the bottom. but they sould be decent in the GA Clay.
    5. S1lverad0
      yeah, I was worried to when i did it .... but turned out i like it, and i get alot of compliments .... my 6" lift recommends 35's the tallest, but 33's still look sweet ... i think.
    6. tigersdl65
      You wouldnt happen to still have those rockstars would you?
    7. Springthing
      I'm sorry for having taken so long to get back to you. Have you found out how to wire things up? If not... well I can't be of much help as i've never played with those wires at all but I can tell you that it should be relatively simple. Let me know if you got it handled. If not, I'll PM you on how I'd do it.
    8. 02 Heavy Chevy
      02 Heavy Chevy
      The inline for subs? Its about two feet into the power line running from the battery to the amp. I have mine right next to my firewall in the engine bay
    9. adampaul1964
      Yeah it sounds like shocks, the only other thing I can think of is maybe putting a couple more turns on your keys. It's possible that the torsion bars are in "soft" spot. For example when I turned up my stock keys the ride was really spongy and floaty, but when I put in my Pro Comp keys the ride really firmed up, in a good way! I figured this was due to the bars being tighter, giving them less range of motion. By the way, your truck looks really good! What size are your tires?
    10. adampaul1964
      It couldn't hurt, your shocks may be worn out. I still have my original shocks(83,000miles) and they are still o.k. the ride is stiffer due to the keys and also because I went with 20" tires (less profile affects the ride).
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    Homerville Ga
    High School student/football player/blueberry pick
    04 Silverado
    My truck, football, basketball, baseball, tennis, any sport.


    -04' Silverado 4x4, 5.3 liter vortec
    -20x10" 2 craves with 305/55/20 Trail grapplers
    -8000k hids
    -blue interior lighting
    -2 10" kicker L5's
    -6" rcx ntd
    -custom tune
    -vette servo
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