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Feb 28, 2013
Jan 2, 2007
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May 12, 1966 (Age: 48)
Yacolt, Washington
Grocery store manager

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New Member, 48, from Yacolt, Washington

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Feb 28, 2013
    1. Eddie Z71
      Eddie Z71
      Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good day!
    2. Stealth
    3. mitch11
      just wanted to say i love your truck
    4. Stealth
      Hey, I was just looking at Groceryman's page and it doesn't list his Ride of the Month win. I know he won in January cause he beat me!
    5. TRPLXL2
      Merry christmas darcy!

      How's your sons truck running now that you guys spent all that time on it, and i hope that you still have the short bus?
    6. TRPLXL2
      Burning the coal? Now that's a new way to refer to a Diesel, Darcy you crack me up!
    7. GOTSAND4ME2
      Hey darcy, was wondering how you made your signature picsture bigger. I tried every way I could think of but to no aval ;((
    8. GOTSAND4ME2
      Thanks for the add Darcy, Love your truck
    9. TRPLXL2
      Honestly I would love to do what RockHead did, and put a small block in my truck and then supercharge it. I am just really mad about the whole thing, but I think my dad is going to steal my Sea Foam for his truck now. He is dieing to see how it works now, we will see in the next few months or so what happens. I will keep you posted with updates.
    10. TRPLXL2
      Hey Dwill I hope you don't mind that I posted my vehicle inquiry with yours, I think it's funny that we seem to be the only two on here that have those. I think it's because we both bought specialty dealer trucks, yours was pretty interesting too I must say!..........AMY
    11. Thundare
      I never thought yellow was a good color on any truck till now :)
    12. TRPLXL2
      I hae another stupid question for you regarding the HID headlights, I have read over and over the installation instructions that you posted and they were very helpful. I have decided to try and buy a set of the 6000k for my 05' Silverado, my question is where is the most reliable place to buy them from? If I can't buy something from Stylin Concepts or Summit Racing then I am lost, I would really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks again, and BTW cost is not an issue I would rather have quality over saving a dollar or two.
    13. brownpridex111
      thanks man i like ur truck 2 and thanks for the friend request
    14. TRPLXL2
      Thanks for adding me as a friend, I am totally loving this website!
    15. poncho08
      thax for sugesting the ranch hand front bumper just got one. its gona be hear in the morrning. thax again.
    16. Doberman
      Thanks for the encouragement!.....I'm really enjoying the forum. I think it's a great place to explore new products and get educated on what drivers are looking for. And I must say you have a great group here, it shows you guys are doing a great job!:great:
    17. BigWallyz
      Thanks. that is my beauty
    18. markmc
      Thanks for the welcome!
      I like your truck!!!!!
    19. 04sierracrewcab
      hey darcy, how do i suscribe to sat. raido?? (for my truck)
    20. S/C TrailBlazer
      S/C TrailBlazer
      Thanks for the Welcome, Nice truck!
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    May 12, 1966 (Age: 48)
    Yacolt, Washington
    Grocery store manager
    Chevy lover all my life

    Chevy's, Hunting, camping, family


    Washington State
    2006 Silverado 2500HD LT3 4X4 CC SB Duramax LBZ
    Tuff Country 6" lift, 35" Toyo M/T's on 20" Ultra Peacemaker wheels, Quadzilla Stealth2 programmer, Diamond Eye 5" cat-back exhaust, factory Special order color Yellow.
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