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Aug 17, 2016
    1. DanPruski
      Hey, so i saw your headlight pics, was wondering what all needs to be done to pull em apart, i wanna pull out my orange reflectors, and what did you use to seal them back up?
      I was told put them in the oven for a little bit then pop em apart.
    2. BrownPats420
      What's goin on, truck meet for us is in north adams, im literally 10 minutes away! lol we should grab a few beers after.
    3. moogvo
      Hi FrigginNoodles! (Great screen name!) I am the announcer voice for the show. I am workin on this truck trying to get it in good shape. It was not a treat to work with those wheels. I am going to do them again when I get the laziness out of my system! LOL! (So it may never get done! LOL!) In any case, thanks for following my progress!

    4. Dukeschevy
      Hey thanks, When and where is the GMTC Northeast get together? I'd love to attend
    5. BrownPats420
      Loving the weather now haha, Hows everything going? Did you follow up on the bowtie tips?
    6. ChevyFan
      I'm trying to get 10 people to each write 5 blog posts on here by the end of the year? Do you think you can do this? The blog posts can be any length and on any subject. That will help to breath life back into the blogs. Thanks in advance.
    7. Jimmeh
      I actually don't have a console in my truck as it's a base model. And it looks as if it's the older style full length. Haven't decided if I am going to pull the trigger on it yet or not.
    8. Jimmeh
      Hey, got a quick question for ya! When you took your overhead console down, did you happen to notice if there was two open spaces like this:

      I found a full length on e-bay that says will fit my truck, but I am a little leery on buying it, cutting up my headliner and finding that it won't work! My dad has one in his truck, but it's an 01 and mines an 05, so who knows...
    9. BrownPats420
      Thanks noodles, I just recently had an issue with the blower motor coming on and off for a few weeks I took it down to Greylock Auto and they tell me it's a bad heater head, I buy a brand new one pop it in and the blower motor still came on. 99heartbeat sent me a GM bulletin recall so I print it out and take it down to Bedard's in Cheshire yesterday and they put a new blower motor resistor module for free. They even tried to get 90 bucks from me for a diagnostic haha. funny salesman them, thought I was born yesterday.
    10. Als09Sierra
      When is it over? We have plans and I don't know if we'll make it now. How are things in GB?
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    On my 3rd Chevy.

    Hanging out, modding my Silverado when I can
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