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    1. MIKER
      seems with the electric windows the most likely cause is the drivers control. roll the left rear window down with the door switch and will not raise till you use the drivers switch. It started with the left rear door now the right rear is the same. Any recommendations on what you have experienced.
    2. Danny Hanson
      Danny Hanson
      I read passlock, fuel, spark and other reasons to look for. I call head mechanic at Chevy in Roseville, Ca auto mall. Said he has heard of this issue too but cannot nail it down. I looked for a recall. People have replaced parts to no avail spending money going back to square one. No Check engine light. My $200 Scanner does not find anything neither. I am at a loss. Can anyone help.
    3. Danny Hanson
      Danny Hanson
      Fuel pump works when this happens. I have read up on this on the internet and find out that I am not the lone dog on the block having this issue. I am wondering if the last guy got rid of this truck cause of this problem. I bought it from a dealer.
    4. Danny Hanson
      Danny Hanson
      I have had same problem a half of dozen times now. It cranks but not start. Happens when it is hot cold it doesn't matter. I wait 10 to 15 minutes and it will start like nothing has happened
    5. Danny Hanson
      Danny Hanson
      I have a 2007 Colorado having starting issues too. It had 74K now with 78k
    6. ChevyFan
      I'm going to streamline the forum structure again and the Ask Customer Service forum might move again, sorry. :-)
    7. ChevyFan
      I'm trying to get 10 people to each write 5 blog posts on here by the end of the year? Do you think you can do this? The blog posts can be any length and on any subject. That will help to breath life back into the blogs. Thanks in advance.
    8. pondfishr
      Hello, I own a 1994 K1500 Z71. I only had one set of keys for the truck and it was the square key without the chip. A couple of weeks ago I loaned my key ring to my wife and the keys are gone. I called a local dealer and they told me since the vehicle was over 12 years old they could not make a key for it. I checked my owners manual and the key code was not written in it by the original owner. I have my VIN and clear title in my name. Do you know if there is anyway to get a new key without replacing the ignition cylinder? I really need to get the truck moving again soon. Thanks in advance! Bill aka Pondfishr
    9. rf58
      i don't know how to get around this site yet my email is
      i have a 2006 1500 silverado 5.3 with flex to day i took the canister apart and cleaned it it was dirty but not
      the thing that bothers me more is i think in 5 years the gas tank will fall off from rust on the brackets im glad i got under there.
      i only have 38,000 miles on it any help will be a welcome site. here is the vin no.1GCEK19Z06Z255873 ===
    10. ChevyFan
      Thanks for your interest in the site! You guys rock!
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