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Jul 4, 2012
    1. Blackmatter
      I was hoping that you could answer a few questions for me. I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado with the 5.3L Z71 4x4. I am planning on getting a custom tune in a few months. I was dead set on a trinty and a lew tune until i read some posts about blackbear. I think that you were on the other forum that i read but not sure. I am now thinking about going with blackbear and using the autocal. My questions are I am trying to figure out the total cost. I know the autocal is $549 does that include a custom tune or is that extra and if it is extra how much $200. My other question is i use my truck to tow about three times a year will i need to pay for an additional tune for that too. I also saw that they do discounts for military I am ex-military would i still get a discount. Ok thanks in advance I don't want to over load you with a ton of questions. Rich
    2. new 6.0
      new 6.0
      also i was wondering wat your opinion was on the best intake and or exhaust would be for the 2010 6.0?
    3. new 6.0
      new 6.0
      hey ive got a 2010 chevy 2500HD with the 6.0 its stock now but i plan to get a cold air intake and straight pipes after the cats do you have any suggestions for getting more power and or fuel mileage?
    4. ThatSilverStepside
      hey, I just had a question, I'm about to buy a 2003 olds alero with the 3.4l v6, I looked on the EFILive site but only saw the 4cyl was supported with the v2 flashscan, Is the v6 supported aswell and just not listed?
    5. pepsi
      I figured scenc i got really good information from you once i thought i would get ur opinion once more. I remember a post that you had started about intakes and it looked like you really do alot of testing.I was looking into getting a VOLANT intake and wanted to know ur opinion on the matter. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!!
    6. vncj96
      I saw your post for Rodgers MN tuning, i have a 99 5.7 1500 suburban, just curious what your can offer for a tune and what your average results have been for similiar vehicles. Just have a K&N, exhaust.
    7. Stealth
      Yep, that's it. I've got to go, but thanks for the information.
    8. Stealth
      I am thinking the one that will give me optimum power and mileage gains, power first, with good street drive ability and reliability. I am not going too extreme with power mods, just tuning, intake, and exhaust.
    9. Stealth
      Ok, any ideas on price?
    10. Stealth
      You mentioned a tuner that would work with my S10 but not say so on the specs. Can you give me more details on it?
    11. Stouffer
      I heard that EFI might have a handheld that can hold multiple tunes that we may be able to get multiple tunes from you guys and load them into the truck as needed. Do you know of this?
    12. Stouffer
      My boss just got an 09 2500 hd with the 6.6 duramax. Can you guys tune the diesel?
    13. ProFuel
      Hello, it's a 8.1, I'm using the truck to run test for my company. I plan on starting stock and adding after market parts starting with simple bolton and move up to whimpel blower.
    14. ProFuel
      What kind of performance does that give you?? is it reliable for every day driving
    15. SoCal Chevy
      SoCal Chevy
      wow, i thot itd b alot more expensive than that. thanx and ill talk to my mom about it. (Im still in high school so the trucks still in her name =/ )
    16. Springthing
      You got the hang of it now! I'm guessing it's a lot of forums for you to keep up with!
    17. Springthing
      Jenna- Make sure you reply to profile messages in the appropriate place. To reply to a profile message click on the "View Conversation" link and reply in that screen. If you post a message without viewing the conversation you will post your reply in your own profile as below. Good luck!
    18. JennaBear
      We ship all over, even other countries. The cost of the tune after all is said and done is $300. Justin might be in the Temecula area in the near future if you would rather have an inperson tune.
    19. SoCal Chevy
      SoCal Chevy
      Hey, i was wondering how much it would cost for a scan cable tune? i live in socal to and im not sure if you would be willing to ship anything that far?
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