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    1. Blackmatter
      I was hoping that you could answer a few questions for me. I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado with the 5.3L Z71 4x4. I am planning on getting a custom tune in a few months. I was dead set on a trinty and a lew tune until i read some posts about blackbear. I think that you were on the other forum that i read but not sure. I am now thinking about going with blackbear and using the autocal. My questions are I am trying to figure out the total cost. I know the autocal is $549 does that include a custom tune or is that extra and if it is extra how much $200. My other question is i use my truck to tow about three times a year will i need to pay for an additional tune for that too. I also saw that they do discounts for military I am ex-military would i still get a discount. Ok thanks in advance I don't want to over load you with a ton of questions. Rich
    2. new 6.0
      new 6.0
      also i was wondering wat your opinion was on the best intake and or exhaust would be for the 2010 6.0?
    3. new 6.0
      new 6.0
      hey ive got a 2010 chevy 2500HD with the 6.0 its stock now but i plan to get a cold air intake and straight pipes after the cats do you have any suggestions for getting more power and or fuel mileage?
    4. ThatSilverStepside
      hey, I just had a question, I'm about to buy a 2003 olds alero with the 3.4l v6, I looked on the EFILive site but only saw the 4cyl was supported with the v2 flashscan, Is the v6 supported aswell and just not listed?
    5. pepsi
      I figured scenc i got really good information from you once i thought i would get ur opinion once more. I remember a post that you had started about intakes and it looked like you really do alot of testing.I was looking into getting a VOLANT intake and wanted to know ur opinion on the matter. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!!
    6. vncj96
      I saw your post for Rodgers MN tuning, i have a 99 5.7 1500 suburban, just curious what your can offer for a tune and what your average results have been for similiar vehicles. Just have a K&N, exhaust.
    7. Stealth
      Yep, that's it. I've got to go, but thanks for the information.
    8. Stealth
      I am thinking the one that will give me optimum power and mileage gains, power first, with good street drive ability and reliability. I am not going too extreme with power mods, just tuning, intake, and exhaust.
    9. Stealth
      Ok, any ideas on price?
    10. Stealth
      You mentioned a tuner that would work with my S10 but not say so on the specs. Can you give me more details on it?
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