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Jul 9, 2010
    1. bpaulk
      Interesting, I may have to look in to that. Thanks for the help!
    2. DSpivey
      hey buddy......i saw where you had an older model siilverado on a post on here. i have the torsion keys on my 04' but im lookin for a little more lift & you said you had a 3" body lift on yours. did it mess up your ride quality all that much?
    3. tmcroc24
      what kit do you have on you truck
    4. Shorty 71
      Shorty 71
      No problem
    5. Shorty 71
      Shorty 71
      No i didn't have to trim but i have to watch my tight turns or it does rub on the passenger side. I'm by no means an expert it this area, most everything i've learned on this site. There is a guy who helped me out alot who i know can help you, He's a pro. He has a company out of cali that is called rolling big power and his name is roland. His number is 1-951-272-9090, he's a super nice guy and will totally be able to help you out. Call him, good luck.
    6. Shorty 71
      Shorty 71
      Thanks jimbo, how about that mark ingram:). I'm running 18x9 wheels and 33x12.5x18 tires. Your truck is looking good too, not sure how much wider you could go, you have some pretty big meat on there yourself.
    7. sbarrieault
      what do you want to know, it did have the MT ATZ's but I wanted the toyo rubber. I believe it has a 3in lift
    8. redneckarmyMP
      great idea! i wouldve never thought about doin that.the game was great!touchdown after touchdown..i think the final was 53-7?i definatly had my fair share of beer so bits of the weekend are a still little fuzzy..thats only the second time ive been but im gonna try to get down there again this season
    9. fx2offroad
      Truck loots awesome man, real clean. What lift did you end up going with?
    10. mashburn
      thanks for the info
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    2007 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab
    Alabama Football, Nascar, huntin. fishin


    I own a 2007 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab (new body style). my truck is Red and has the 4.8, basically stock but i got big plans.
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