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Nov 25, 2011
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Reno, Nevada
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Nov 25, 2011
    1. mystic_one
      Hi Jimmiee,

      A while back you gave someone a
      Wiring Diagram GMC 1990 3500 7.4

      I've got a 1987 with a very similar problem. Can you help me out.

      Thanks man.
    2. jhawk1092
      hey jimmiee, i have read a few of your conversations about 1994 gmc 1500 tranny problems. i am having problems with mine. i went to auto zone and they gave me a code key. where i put it in a hole under my dash and count the number of flashes. i have done this and got two codes one is 38 and the other is 44. an employee at auto zone said one of the codes is a brake switch stuck off in the tranny...? idk what that means and the other is an o2 sensor which i am in the process of changing. can u help me with this code or anything. thanks
    3. ChevyFan
      Hey man, how are things these days for you? Miss you on the site!
    4. 1flyfisher
      The 10/20 ruger was sold all over. I have one. Maybe you are meaning your particular model which had something done to it to make it different?
      p.s I am in reno too. Freakin cold out..
      happy thanksgiving
      paul aka 1flyfisher
    5. bluestreak94
      Hello Jimmiee,
      I think most of the guys on the site find you the Tranny guy, I was wondering since I've read in some of your posts that you've rebuilt many a 4L60E, I just wanted to run something by you so I can make sure I'm not getting hosed by the guy who rebuilt my tranny. I've got a '04 Suburban with the 5.3 4x4, he rebuilt it completely and he told me he used Borg warner clutches for 1-2 and the raybestos z-pacs for the 3-4, is this a good set up, he told me the z-pacs were performance clutches, I don't know my butt from my elbows when it comes to tranny's, and was wondering if you had an opinion or maybe a little insight. Oh yeah, I did ask for more durable or longer lasting clutches and that's when he told me about the z-pacs.
      Thanks for any help. :-)
      bluestreak94 ( Loukas )
    6. silveradotrailblazer
      How you been Jimmiee? Havent seen you alot lately.
    7. 3fingers
      hey jimmiee i need to know how to fix this problem with my truck. I have no power to my OBD2 port
    8. silveradotrailblazer
      Congrats on 50 years of wrenching.
    9. jnbascom
      Just wanted to thank you for all the posts on my problems with my Jimmy. It is almost perfect now because of your help. This truck/car has 160K on it so when I say it is almost perfect really it is perfect for its age. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.
    10. brianj
      Was hoping to see pics. of the land cruiser and the camero!
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    Reno, Nevada
    Transmission Tech
    67 Landcruiser
    90 Metro
    70 Camaro
    07 FJ Cruiser
    I've been wrenchin' since 1960!

    4 Wheeling



    2004 SILVERADO 2500HD LS
    Pro Comp Leveling Kit
    285-75-16 Cooper ST All Terrains
    Pro Comp Programmer
    Bilstein Shocks
    Linux Bed Liner
    Tinted Windows

    Other rides:

    1967 Landcruiser <350 Chevy>
    1970 Camaro
    1990 Geo Metro Convertible
    2007 FJ Cruiser
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