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    1. rotaryenginepete
      yeah the ride height is lifted 2 inches in the back with blocks and 3 inches in the front with a-arms, shock mount spacers and diff lowering brackets. the kit also comes with new rear shocks and a few other goodies. i like it, sitting next to an HD gmt900, with the 33" tires and -12mm offset, my truck is just a little bit taller. the best part about it in my opinion is that its just high enough to go offroading/mudding and get good clearance but you retain the same if not better performance on the street for acceleration, cornering, etc.
    2. ajarman
      I do rub, but only at full lock in forward on the passanger side. I took a heat gun to the plastic and problem solved. It is rubbing the front stabilizer bar on the passanger side too, but I am just not going to go full lock turning right.
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