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    1. ChevyFan
      Hey, where you been?
    2. Megs_87
      Hey where did you get that sub enclosure and what came with it . That's my next project...

    3. LivysMan
      lol I hear ya man! My plans for monday mornin is to put my truck in th shop to be regeared!! he said it will be ready atleast by fri.!! Im so pumped thinkin ab it!! lol
    4. LivysMan
      well man let me give you some advice, if you wana go this high and higher, go ahead first off and get a soiled axle swap! Thats what Im wantin! I just talked to a guy yesterday ab it, and he said you can get one for ab $1,500. (I think that was just parts, and thats including ab $800. or so in a pre-fabed ORU style SAS kit, you can save if you can fab it yourself!) and then ab $500. in rear springs, so ruffly $2,500. - $3,000. total! my 6" lift was $3,000. parts only, and then ab $130. for the 3" Ford keys and guess what! Ive still got a stupid IFS!! lol and the only way to go higher is bodylift and defiantly dont want that!! So weigh your options before you jump into it!! and also, when you go big, get gears THEN!! dont say you'll do it later! I just had to spend $2,700. on a tranny rebuild cause the nut heads that had this truck before me didnt spend $1,500. to regear when they built it! but Lord willin I gettin em done if not next week, the next!!
    5. LivysMan
      lol no prob man!! I love for people to ask ab my pride 'n' joy! lol and they are factory!
    6. LivysMan
      lol thanks! yea well one thing I did is found a great deal on Ebay and got them to price match! the tires was $315. at 4Wheel Parts and I got em for $271.! so look for the cheapest price n then give em a call!
    7. LivysMan
      lol its called custom custom wheels! haha it will be tons easier if you dont mind the whole ring being one color, but I chose to keep the stock gloss line in the ring and thats what makes it hard to do, but I think its well worth it! I got a good deal on them from 4Wheel Parts while they was havin a sale! If you can talk to Lance, he will hook you up with a deal if you ask for it! Ive got better pics at
    8. LivysMan
      They are 18x9 KMC XD series Diesel wheels. but they come stock with a silver ring and I painted it flat black to accent the gloss black. turned out really well! if you get em n need some tips on the paintin, let me know! and thank you very much! I have been very pleased with these wheels, I never regret choosing them!
    9. adampaul1964
    10. only1stegall
      Hey man... First off nice truck. I wanted to ask you how satisfied you are with your spindle lift kit? Im looking at buying one for my truck but Ive seen some conflicting directions on if the factory 16 inch wheels will fit. What brand did you buy? Thanks in advance.
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    Cedar Grove, NC
    2003 Silverado 1500


    2003 Silverado 1500
    V8 4.8L 294ci
    2 inch Pro Comp Leveling Kit
    3 inch Rough Country Lift
    33 inch Nitto Terra Grapplers
    5% Tint All Around
    2 12" Kenwoods
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