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Feb 3, 2011
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New Member, from Minnesota

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Feb 3, 2011
    1. Armyguy21
      hey Kyle. I have an 03 as well and I have to say you have made me re-look at my plans for my truck. Your truck is simply sex. What rims and tires are those? BTW im from St. Cloud so when I finally get back to mn from Afghanistan I would love to meet up for a beer and talk shop.

    2. MoveOver4Z
      Gorgeous truck, such a clean look!
    3. sgtsjj
      im up in duluth, i want more snow....been using my roommates snowmobile alot
    4. sgtsjj
      ok cool how much snow do you guys have down there
    5. sgtsjj
      nice truck, what part of minnesota you from?
    6. GrizzlyTN
      The truck is bad azz. I looked through your posts but wasn't able to find the name of your rims
    7. justaphase44
      Cleared headlights look great bud. Just wondering on how'd you do it. Read a few posts on here and no luck.
    8. snake_bite
      hey whats going on buddy, i was looking at ur set up and it looks really nice. i was just wondering what youre offset and backspacing is on those wheels. i was thinking of getting 20x10s with 305-55-20 and was wondering if they would fit on my 05 1500 i have a leveling kit on it.
    9. sweetassz71
      so where did u get your front bumper cover from i have been looking for a smooth one because my textured one is starting to chip
    10. sweetassz71
      those pics are my truck with a 6'' pro comp lift since then i put a 3'' body lift on and i have been waiting 10 months for my new wheels and tires they are a 24x14 kmc chrome rockstar with a -44 offset wrapped in a 38x13.50 nitto trail grappler i wanted to do somethimg crazy. but those wheels were on national back order so after calling 60 diff wheel and tire co. i got tied up with a guy out in cal. and he told me his buddy works for kmc so he is getting me a set made i cant wait to get these things. i will have to send u some pics after they get in. i am still waitting on my rollpan from and a new land rover front in.
    11. sweetassz71
      nice truck i have the same year 03 check my profile pics out u should like them
    12. murdog94
      Ahh got ya...
    13. murdog94
      Hey where abouts in MN???? Duluth area here.. Just gotta ask since there arent really a ton of us on the site here that are active..
    14. DSpivey
      hey man i got the 20x10's & the 33x12.50/20 mud grapplers on here now. i love em & barely had to trim anything!
    15. DSpivey
      im most likely gonna run 33x12.50/20 still having a hard time deciding if i want the 10" or 9" wide rims
    16. DSpivey
      DSpivey thanks a lot for the help. Im probably going to end up running the 295/55/20's on the 20x10's. You cant tell in the pics but my truck sits up a little higher in the front than in the back so i think they will fit just fine. I like your stance tho, tires are just wide enough, but not too wide
    17. DSpivey
      ok......i was trying to figure out how big i could go with that 10" wide rim without scrubbing real bad. I had the 18x9's but they just looked really small on my truck. Im about to get some 20x10's not sure yet what size tire tho.
    18. DSpivey
      hey bad do your tires rub when u turn full lock?
    19. kirkymx140
      Nice truck... what size are the wheels and tires and do you have a lift on it?
    20. Hunter72
      Thanks for the info, I haven't been on here in awhile myself. Still trying to decide on what I want to do and how much I want to spend! Thanks.
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