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Dec 15, 2013
Jul 6, 2010
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Denver, CO
Sales; prior, US Marines

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Moderator, from Denver, CO

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Dec 15, 2013
    1. mfleetwood
      Sorry for the delay, I stepped away from the site for a few days to take a much needed vacation. With all my mods, including having my truck custom tuned (which probably has the most impact on fuel economy), I am getting about 14 city and 17 highway.
    2. sandman9_48
      hay man im kinda new here i saw your truck in one of the forums... had a couple questions for you, your tires are essentially 35s right? what kinda fuel mileage you getting with the 4.56s? theres probly a forum around somewhere but like i said im new here im tryin to get some info for the way im trying to take my truck i absolutely love it! thanks for your info
    3. AMac
      thank you for the 3/21 feedback.
    4. ChevyFan
      Where you been? lol
    5. darkness-lies-
      Thank you i love it here i get on every day.
    6. mfleetwood
      Yeah...catching up now and am seeing that. I've put up about 20 posts today, but mostly in the new members area. Glad to see you're still hanging around!

      and yes, you are very SPECIAL!!
    7. sgtsjj
      Thanks man i feel special knowing that i got it before everyone else. im glad you beat your dead line, definetly looking forward to seeing you post again...we have some characters running around the site...esp in the coffee shop with the random games/posts
    8. sgtsjj
      hey man merry christmas! hope all is going good for you havent heard from ya in a while
    9. ChevyFan
      Thanks for being such a good member to the site. I'm going to give you a free upgrade to Gold Supporter status for three months.
    10. sgtsjj
      no i am not a vikings fan, i saw what it did to my dad so i just couldnt be one
    11. Vincennes02261897
      Thanks, buddy. It's good to be back around. Hopefully I'll continue to have some extra time like I had in the past.
    12. Sierraowner5.3
      just wanted to say man I love how your truck looks. if I had lots of money id do something similar I think.

    13. dsfloyd
      yeah she was barely as tall as the tire then. probably about a year and a half ago. think she finally hit 42". I'm not that stoked about ther growing so quick, but thats life.
    14. dsfloyd
      Thanks, the sig pic is almost a year old, but I havent had a chance to do anything else to it since. Your truck is very good looking as well. My daughter is 4 1/2 and growing way too quick. I've been meaning to change the avatar pic again too. I havent been on much the last few weeks since I've been slammed at work.
    15. sgtsjj
      It is pathetic but I think some of the guys took care of it. I just Linda laughed at how pathetic they were for posting that stuff on here
    16. sgtsjj
      Age and eye sight get him butt hurt pretty easy.... I think I've been doing pretty good with that one there has been a n influx of people joining who have new gm trucks and complain about how they suck and what not I personally think ford guys are joining just to come and start things
    17. sgtsjj
      Ah I see well its good that you have finally gotten time to get back on here, and im pretty much stuck here its to much fun making fun of stephan
    18. sgtsjj
      where have you been??? kinda miss you one some of the games lol
    19. chevy07
      hey bud check out my new album i have two new pics one with my truck with my new 33" nitto mud grapplers and one of my mom's new 2011 gmc sierra.
    20. Als09Sierra
      I agree, the fogs are all show on these trucks. I think it's because how deep set they are in the housing, but I think the HIDs will make a huge difference.
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    Denver, CO
    Sales; prior, US Marines
    2008 GMC Sierra Z71 4wd
    Somewhat knowledgeable about working on vehicles and immensely enjoy when I have time.

    Camping, hiking, moderate off-roading; just hanging out in the Colorado Rockies in general



    Mike (Denver, CO) - 2008 Sierra 1500 Z71 SLE 5.3L 4WD

    SUSPENSION: Rancho 4" Suspension Lift; Rancho RS9000XL Shocks; Rancho Skid Plates; Rancho MyRide Wireless Shock Controller;
    BFG All Terrain KO 315/70/17
    DRIVE TRAIN: 4.56 Gears; Detroit TrueTrac Differential; True Cool 40k Transmission Cooler
    PERFORMANCE: DiableSport Predator Tuner; Custom Tuned by Diablew; Magnaflow Exhaust; AFE Cold Air Intake
    ELECTRONICS: Kenwood DNX6180 Touchscreen; Subthump box w/10" Kicker; Driver Information Center (DIC); Rear View Camera
    ACCESSORIES: Westin Brush/Grill Gaurd; Westin Nerf Bars; Truxedo Tonneau; 20% Tint; Tow Mirrors w/Heat & Signals
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