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Sep 24, 2016
Jul 30, 2009
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Sep 24, 2016
    1. ChevyFan
      No sweat, we have a pretty strong anti-spam system and it's doing a very good job, but it's also blocking a few people each week that want to register for the site. Trying to hit the right balance.

      That's such a pretty part of the world, I hope to get up there someday to take a look for myself. Being an American I lose sight of the fact that 200 years ago my ancestors came from England, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy and maybe some of the Scandanavian countries too.
    2. ChevyFan
      Just curious where you live at and/or signing in from?
    3. Caddiac
      Hi Mike! Saw your little rust removal job working in the yard. That thing is cool! I could get in a lot of trouble with that! I sent you a friend request. All my contacts were lost when the spam software deleted me from the site.
    4. azdrtdog
      check my update
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