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    1. Stealth
      What do you think about setting something up in Utah soon? Maybe a meeting for all of the people around to here to get to meet.
    2. Eddie Z71
      Eddie Z71
      Thanks for the reply! Hope you and your family are doing great! Talk to you later!
    3. gmcman101
      You probably don't remember my post "engine misfire" but you sounded like you know what your talking about so, here's my question. I couldn't afford a new spyder injection unit for my 97 gmc so I bought a used one just because I need this running. Any way, I was told the cylinders 4 and 8 are not firing so what would you change the whole unit or the injectors that go to 4 and 8. I didn't take my truck a part yet, (South Dakota is a little cold right now) but from the looks of things the injectors can be removed from the spyder unit. The used unit I bought is from a 99 with 120,000 miles and mine has 180,000. Also can this part I bought be cleaned up with carb cleaner without damaging it.

      Thanks very much, Bill (gmcman101)
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    '98 K1500 Suburban LS 5.7 L 4L60E NV246 ARB
    '92 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 4.0 L A4LD BW13-54 Trac-loc rear
    "My toys were the greasy cogs and springs and pistons that lay around all over the place, and these, I can promise you, were far more fun to play with than most of the plastic rubbish children are given nowadays." Danny in Roald Dahl's Danny The Champion of the World
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