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Apr 11, 2013
    1. ChevyHD
      Hey guy, I was wondering if you mirrors in your old '03 shook or vibrated from the wind or when driving? Because I'm looking at actually getting around to buying some from 1A auto. I remember you telling me thats where you got yours a long time ago. I think. lol that was quite a few beers ago!
    2. UsafMoore67
      Hey, jus curious, how wide are those 33s on your 2500? Also, what leveling kit do you got?
    3. sgtsjj
      lol sadly next to my truck it was the best vehicle ive owend.....i beat that thing daily and it never once complained, a shop down in TN did my clutch and i dont think they did something right because a couple weeks later i destroyed the tranny
    4. ntbush83
      I'm sorry to hear to had to drive a civic haha actually I rode in a 94 integra this weekend and actually say i wouldn't mind having one lol
    5. sgtsjj
      ive only seen one for sale and thats it, i liked the yellow because sadly i had a civic that was bright yellow and it kind of reminds me of that lol
    6. sgtsjj
      ya the raven editions are sick!!! thats what im looking for, and if i cant find a raven addition im gonna look for one of the yellow ones just because i havent seen a single yellow bike up where im from. i should probably google the recal and see if it is true or not, then again the kid that told me rides GSXR's and doesnt like R6's that much and may have been trying to persuade me to get a suzuki
    7. sgtsjj
      ok cool, i heard 05-06 had a recall on for something coming off and making it so the throttle get stuck wide open, im probably gonna end up getting a 05-06 just because there arent that many newer ones up here, since the riding season isnt that long
    8. sgtsjj
      so im looking at getting an R6, itll be my first bike, ive riden GSXR's, CBR's, Ninja's and R6's but the R6 is the only one i was really comfortable on, i just dont know that much about them and was wondering what years are better than others
    9. jccraveswaves
      How is it holding up? I really want one for my truck but i may have to settle for the triffecta.
    10. ChevyHD
      I was wondering how and where you installed your amp,sub,train horn and pa system. I plan on installing them all this summer and was just curious how someone else had it set up.
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    1994 Sliverado 4x4 (sold)
    2003 2500 Silverado 4x4
    2002 Yamaha R6


    2006 Duramax LBZ
    Edge Evo
    4'' Diamond eye to 6'' tip
    16'' ion alloy, 33'' fierce attitudes
    Lots of work left to do!
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