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Feb 15, 2013
Jan 31, 2008
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Morristown, NJ
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Feb 15, 2013
    1. ChevyFan
      Hey Pete, how's things going these days?
    2. Rockstarrchevy81
      Hey man do you think i could fit 36's on my 2008 silverado with my 7.5 inch lift or would i need a body lift?
    3. stephan
      Hey Pete,
      I was looking back through the archives in the suspension catagory before I posted my question and I saw some of your posts from waaaay back in '88. Have you been here that long? ha ha
    4. Silverado Junkie
    5. 2wheelmudder
      hey man have to say love your truck, question i did a body lift made my own 3 in bumper lift and was wondering how you like the hitch sticking out of the bottom? My truck never came with the hitch but i sure would like one so i can do some towing.
    6. Stealth
      No problem, I was glad to be able to help
    7. Stealth
    8. kuziwr
      Dude your truck is EXACLTY what how I want mine to look!!! thats insane. How is it not a Z71 looking like that?
    9. RockHead
      Yo What is new with you ? Hope things are all god with your teuck and jeep
    10. whymeintrouble
    11. Doberman
      Thank's Pete.....I checked out your album, nice rides!! looks like you really have fun with'em. I gota work up the nerve to take mine out a bit....spending way too much time polishing LOL!
    12. Jimbo74
      i was wonderin if you no anybody that has a 3 inch body lift on a 07 or newer silverado 1500. or a site were i can find a truck with one on it, i been thinkin bout putin one on my new truck just like to see a truck with it already on there.
    13. Jeepguy
      Hey thank you, and currently I'm in the proces of hunting my next project Cherokee down. Northern Alberta isn't to favorable for well priced used vehicles. In the past though I have had an 81 Jeep J-10 Laredo With power lock cruise a 3" body lift and 31's it had the 360 AMC motor in it, and I have also had a 94 base model cherokee with 5speed 4l 6cylinder 4door eagle alloy 101's with a bfg 31". Both which I sold as influence of a female and both instantly got wrecked.
    14. b8k2jha
      Whats up! The axles in the S-10 are out of a jeep wrangler that I had bought for body parts and had the running gear setting around, got bored one weekend so I got out the torch and cut out the IFS and started welding up shackle mounts. Everything is mounted and working just needs some finish work. Frnt has 4" lift springs (wrangler) and the rear is spring over axle sets 8 1/2 inches higher than stock.
    15. cascott325
    16. bob13
      Hi Pete, I know everyone must be sick of answering tire size questions on the NBS silverado but I see that you are telling guys that 33/12.5 tires will fit without rubbing. I am going to purchase this week and there is conflicting info on the threads. Once and for all 33/12.5 definitely fit without issues. Thanks so much for any guidance you can give.
    17. 95CTburb19
      I got more reputations than you.

    18. adampaul1964
      Congrats on 2000 posts!!!
    19. 04sierracrewcab
      It really does, Ill see If I can snap a shot on monday.
    20. 04sierracrewcab
      Yeah there is a guy that I go to school w that has a Jeep w a 4 suspenison 3 body and 2 inch spacers with litte 31's and a 4 banger.. it looks stupid ..
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    Morristown, NJ
    College Student
    1995 GMC Sierra 2500, 3" Body lift, 33's, Sold
    1997 Jeep TJ Wrangler 2" Budget Lift, 31" BFG AT
    Lacrosse, cars, trucks, off roading


    95 GMC Sierra 2500
    3" Body Lift, 33" Goodyear MTR's
    5.7L 350 TBI Edelbrock SDT Exhaust, Flowtech Headers, K&N Intake
    Sold :(
    1999 Jeep Cherokee, 3" Rustys lift, 33" BFG MT's, locked, armored: Rolled :(
    2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. K&N Intake, Custom Kolak Exhaust

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