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    1. Corvetteed
      Trying to figure how to use forum I rebuilt this 2014 silverado truck was rolled on side I replaced the double cab and the 2 roof air bags I had the air bag module rebuilt replaced seat belt retractors air bag light still on could you recommend what type of ob2 tester to buy.
      1. RayVoy
        Hi, welcome to the site. I'm not an authority on OBD readers. I just have cheap one that reads P codes, ABS codes and U codes. I would like to have a better one that reads real time data and body codes.
        But, ya know, I really have never had a need for one.
        Jan 3, 2017
    2. Sean_Oneil7
      Hi, somebody on the form recommended that i send you a message regarding my 2002 chevy Silverado 1500 Ls battery drain problems, long story short my batter keeps dying. I can not figure out why the car is drawing 10 amps from the battery when it is off so every morning my battery is dead, i have been pulling fuses but have had no luck stopping the drain.
    3. greg aguilar
      greg aguilar
      I meant to bypass the wires to the fuel pump on my 2000 gmc 1500 sierra truck thanks
    4. greg aguilar
      greg aguilar
      is there anyway to wire the fuel pump on my 2000 1500 sierra to get it to fire up?
    5. Madddjohn63
      I may try to figure it out but if I can't, I'll get the kit that plugs into the fuse panel, or I just may leave it. But I do like just running lights sometimes. Thanks for all ur help,John. The kits only about 19 bones.
    6. Paul Taylor
      Paul Taylor
      Sorry will do next time......Yeah I gotta do a complete tune up and the water pump at the same time its going to cost me 375.00
    7. Paul Taylor
      Paul Taylor
      Yeah the both stopped at the same day same time
      1. RayVoy
        Paul, you need to put that information in the thread, give everyone as much info as possible
        Nov 3, 2015
    8. BzeroB
      Thanx again for your input
      1. RayVoy likes this.
    9. jake's silverado
      jake's silverado
      I just tried to upload the adobe file showing the info @ 360kb and i guess the site is limited to 117kb for adobe files... oh well.
    10. silverhobey
      happy new year....we have 2" of snow left.....suppossed to get rain and
      9 to 10 degrees here in Ontario for the next few days...take care Ray....Brian from Cobourg
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