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May 16, 2016
Mar 26, 2007
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Philadelphia area
Im A Fire Alarm tech.

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May 16, 2016
    1. ChevyFan
      Happy Birthday!
    2. McMahan
      Mark you better add me as a friend or I will come hunt you down lol jk brother
    3. lsutoms
      hey buddy if u dont mind me asking how much did you pick that super charger up for? i have an 09 with a 5.3 that i would like to put one in one day when my waranty goes out... or do you know if this would mess with the waranty?
    4. TRPLXL2
      Merry christmas!

      I bet your getting something to make your truck go even faster for christmas, i hope all goes well for you!
    5. TRPLXL2
      I finally got my S-10 running, I just went a replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and a full tune up and it's running like glass. Next summer I am going to do a complete rehaul on it, rechrome the rollbar, have the bed Line-X. And I bought some projector headlights, LED marker lights, and LED tail lights and 3rd brake light for it. Goodmark Cowl induction hood with Volant ram air intake setup, and a set of LED underbody's to replace my old neon one's from like 8 years ago that still work.

      I'm not going to do anything with the Silverado next year, just planning on leaving it stock for a while. The S-10 needs a little sprucing up, so we shall see. Talk to you later, and Happy Holidays!
    6. Pete95Sierra
      Well, things with the Jeep are not that great. I rolled it while 4 wheeling so I parted it out. I picked up a 2000 Grand Cherokee to replace it, but havn't done anything to it yet. I gotta focus on graduating instead haha. As you probably noticed I'm not on here much anymore, but check back every once in a while. I hope things are well with you too!!
    7. Eddie Z71
      Eddie Z71
      Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good day!
    8. TRPLXL2
      That Silverado you posted with the chrome-moly chassis was in my Truckin' book I remember, and the tractor trail behind it was on the Discovery channel too. If I remember right the cab of the truck is painted like a dragon, they have thousand's of airbrush hours in that truck. Thanks for the info too.
    9. TRPLXL2
      Yeah it sounds like you have it under control then, I can't wait to see what your results turn out to be. I know it would probably take my truck from 22.00 down to 20.00, my truck is ungodly slow but I like it anyways LOL! Good luck at the track...........
    10. TRPLXL2
      I saw where you ran high 14's, that's not too shabby! I don't know if you'll shave 2 full seconds off your time, but that would be awesome if you did. I was wondering if you were going to upgrade anything else to back up the supercharger, transmission, rear gears, drive shaft?? Just wondering, because I know if that was me and my driving habits I would have a T-56 Tremec 6 speed, with something hefty in the rear end otherwise I would blow it up probably! Good luck................
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    Philadelphia area
    Im A Fire Alarm tech.
    2006 Silverado SS (Now)
    1999 Silverado Z-71 (sold)
    I very outgoing , Vol. firefighter for a small town outside of Phila.

    Snowborading , boating , hunting , all outdoor things , sport trucks , football , hockey , nascar



    SuperCharged 2006 Silverado SS 2WD

    For My Mod List go to my Profile then to MY GARAGE :great:
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