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Feb 13, 2012
Feb 10, 2011
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U.S Army

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New Member, from Vicksburg,Ms

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Feb 13, 2012
    1. AnimalYates
      Hey man haven't seen you around GMTC lately, hope all is well. Thanks for serving!
    2. Justice17
      That's a nice pickup you got dude! What size is that lift? Dope ass wheels too! I been looking at those KMC stars in the black but I think those would look better on mine since my truck is white!
    3. BALTHIS
      thatl look good man. im got with a 7 in fts lift. soon, i was gona do some motor work but i believe ima hold off on that for now and just do headers and cam instead of a supercharger and all that
    4. ChevyFan
      Hey, when did you hit the 1000+ Post club? Congrats!
    5. BALTHIS
      yeah it is but not big enought but i like the look of a ltta tire and not that big of a gap between the body but, ima fix that. mines got factory ranch shocks.
    6. BALTHIS
      that aint bad at alll i got a grand in my lift. its the ready lift 4 inch. im put a 1.5 or 2 inch on top of the spacer i have already cause i want the ft end high than the back then ill be fine with my 35 12.50s no problem. im from south west va but im bout to move to ky near hazzard
    7. sgtsjj
      i still love the hummve, in iraq they were bettter than the mraps where we were at because of the small roads we had to drive down, but in afghan now they cant do to much to stop the IED's so you could say they are worthless, but i think theyve done a great job through out their carrer in the military
    8. BALTHIS
      thanks for the comment on my truck bro. and the headlight tint is sweet. my cuz had a d max with blue tinit on em. looked good. im wantin to paint mine white on the inside but idk if i should. i just wish my tuck was as big as yoursn. it sick
    9. ChevyFan
      No problem, rock and roll. thanks for helping the site and being a good contributor.
    10. ChevyFan
      Thanks for being such a good member to the site. I'm going to give you a free upgrade to Gold Supporter status for three months.
    11. Drake_korthos
      Good luck in this Month's ROTM!! Looks like you're pullin an early lead though! :great:
    12. Collin01
      You know i got your back man! lol hope you win!
    13. Collin01
      yea man that sounds cool. Im sure it'll look good with your machined rockstars. Mine wouldn't look good painted cuz the color of my truck is too dark to be with the black rims. if you get it done id like to see some pics!
    14. Collin01
      Hey man yea when i first got my rockstars i hated how far out the center caps stuck! I was gonna cut them myself but one of my buddies actually totaled his truck and he had rockstars, and luckily he had already cut his center caps down. So he just gave me his and I didn't have to do anything!
    15. Collin01
      Hey man if you don't mind go vote for me for August ROTM!
    16. Only Beasts Drive Chevys
      Only Beasts Drive Chevys
      That's great man, I'm still in high school so I'm going off the amount of money I make from working for my dad haha. I want to do a lot of stuff and kind of in the same position. Good luck with finishing it up and I can't wait to see updates on your truck, oh and thanks for serving.
    17. GMmonster
      Yeah man! They look great on yours, and I'm pretty sure with mine being white it would look really sick! Especially with some nitto trail grapplers, I'm looking to get those or maybe the goodyear m/t's. I've just gotta get some money in the pocket if you know what I mean. Plus I've gotta get a small lift, and maybe a new light bar.
    18. Only Beasts Drive Chevys
      Only Beasts Drive Chevys
      Thanks man, i feel ya on the whole money thing haha but i wanna make it a hobby somewhat
    19. Collin01
      haha thanks! you know i might just have to look into doin that..
    20. Collin01
      Rockin the rockstars!!
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  • About

    U.S Army
    2008 Black chevy silverado 1500 z71 ext. cab
    My Name is Jake and i'm in the U.S. Army. My home station is the 114th Military Police in Clinton, Ms. I'm also in College majoring in Nursing.

    Partyin, sports, hanging out with friends and Girlfriend.


    2008 Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab Lt Z71 5.3 V8
    7.5 Inch Rough Country Suspension Lift
    RBP Replica Grille Black w Chrome Rivets
    Recon Smoked Cab Roof Lights
    N-Fab Powdercoated Gloss black Cab Length Nerf Steps
    5% Tint over 20% all the way around / 5% Eyebrow Strip
    AVS Smoked Window Visors
    Z71 Stickers Black & Metallic Silver
    Tow Mirrors / Smoked Turn Signals
    XM Satellite Radio Fin / Color Matched
    Interior Plastic Pieces / Color Matched
    Power Acoustic Tweeters
    Painted Bowties / Color Matched
    Painted Door Handles / Color Matched
    Smittybilt Bull Bar / Color Matched
    Custom Rolled Edge Exhaust Tips / Color Matched
    Custom 2.5 Inch Cat Back True Dual Exhaust
    Flowmaster Super 40 Series Dual in / Dual out
    Magnaflow Tru-X Pipe
    K&N Air Filter
    18x9 Rockstars Machined Black
    Center Caps / Color Matched
    33.13.50 Nitto Terra Grapplers
    New Front Wheel Well Liners
    Eagle Eye Black L.E.D. Tailights
    Eagle Eye Black L.E.D. Third Brake Light / Smoked
    Eagle Eye Black L.E.D. Halo Projector Headlights
    Notto HID Kit 10,000k Low beams
    Recon L.E.D. Light Bar
    Buschwacker OE Style Tailgate Cap
    AMI Gloss Black Antenna
    Debadged Chrome Lettering
    Door Molding Removed
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