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Jul 24, 1987 (Age: 29)
Kalamazoo Michigan

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Dec 14, 2011
    1. troutbug
      Thanks man. Mine is a Century Royal and it cost me a little over $1500 after taxes. I had to go to Mississippi to get it because the local dealers only carried Leer and ARE tops, which were both more expensive. The ARE tops are real nice though. I definitely would get it again, I've had no problems with it. It's great for what I need it for, and I don't think I could have another truck without one. Let me know if you have anymore questions. Take care.
    2. Eddie Z71
      Eddie Z71
      Happy Birthday Belford! How's it going? Hope everything is going great! Hope you have a good day!
    3. Shorty 71
      Shorty 71
      Not a chance belford:) Hope the job search is going well, let me know if your interested in a part time job at hooters ,lol. Just kidding little buddy, later!
    4. KidHauler
      I sent it again. I may have messed up the address last time. Let me know!!
    5. Eddie Z71
      Eddie Z71
      That is funny!:rofl: We both took a vacation! What else do you want us to do? We can't help it if you type slow!:lol: Just kidding! I type like lighting strikes, never the same key twice! ( I'm not joking about that last one!) I use two fingers! Did you find a job yet? I hope so. Looks like you had some great feedback on some things. Well I will talk to you later, and have a good one! Eddie
    6. KidHauler
      Theres a guy here at work selling a nearly new quad trailer, but nothing enclosed. I'll look around...
    7. KidHauler
      I received a cold call from Primerica looking for a manager type in the Kazoo area. It's not what I do, but I thought of you, and kept the names and number if you're interested in checking with them.
    8. KidHauler
      PM me for job posibility...
    9. lsutoms
      i had this same problem... if you have a buddy that knows a lot about eletrical wiring or anything of this such try to talk to them.. if not try to call a shop around you and see if they will install it for you or tell you how to do it... i could only find one shop that would install it the other shops in town told me that they wouldnt
    10. chschevy58
      K&N still available? if its for a good price i may be interested.
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    Jul 24, 1987 (Age: 29)
    Kalamazoo Michigan
    2009 Silverado LT 4x4
    5.3 liter V8

    1990 Grand Prix
    3.1 Liter V6

    1995 GMC Jimmy (Sold)
    4.3 L
    Steve Belford, working on a double major in accounting and management at WMU

    My Silverado and just about anything outdoors



    2009 Silverado LT1: All Star Edition
    5.3 Liter V8 4x4

    Locking Rear Differential
    3.73 Rear Axle
    Fog Lamps
    Factory Remote Start
    Locking Tailgate
    20" Wheels

    Rear Wheel House Liners
    Molded Mud Flaps
    Stainless Nurf Bars
    Driver Information Center
    20% Tinted Windows
    Low Profile Diamond Plate Tool Box
    GM Bed Liner
    Silver Birch Metallic Mirror Covers
    Silver Birch Metallic Vent Visors
    Flowmaster Super 40 (knock off)
    20" Wheels
    Bed Rail Protectors
    Extang Tonneau Cover
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