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It's been awhile... But I'm back bitchess. Dec 13, 2014

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May 3, 2015
    1. Scooter
      It's been awhile... But I'm back bitchess.
    2. lsutoms
      oh i completely understand that feeling man. that is the reason for my horns and my sirens. I think that the air hose that i have is 3/8". They use to satisfy my needs but i think i'm about to run a 3/4" or a 1" hose to them just to push a little more air through them.
    3. sgtsjj
      i saw you said it was your birthday? so happy birthday
    4. ChevyFan
      Thanks for helping to support the site! :sign0011:
    5. lsutoms
      hey man i have the horns mounted where the extra battery spot is under my hood. I have a 5 gallon air tank in my tool box and the compressor is a viar compressor. I wanna say its a 400 series maybe.. its rated for 200 psi max and its a 100% duty compressor. The compressor is in a pressure relay that is connected to the tank. I think it cuts on at 120 psi and cuts off at 180 psi. Its a great set up to run the horns themselves but if you plan on running any kind of power tools id reccomend running 2 compressors. It will keep up with my horn with no problem but when airing up large tires i have to wait for it to refill most of the time after filling 2. let me know if you need anything else man
    6. dsfloyd
      thanks I appreciate it. you have a real good looking truck yourself
    7. sfdefender24
      i think they are 8 foot, they're the silver lake sand dunes in michigan.
    8. ponyxpress
      I will let you know tomorrow I will check on the way to work I believe it is pretty high though
    9. TRPLXL2
      Good to hear from you!

      I actually don't get on here much, mainly because I have no computer now. I traded a guy my IMAC for an IPAD, I loved it until it got stolen at work and I still haven't found out who stole it! I re did my S-10 this summer, I don't know if you saw the thread or not under readers rides on here. I can't get the finished pictures loaded up though, which sucks because It is really something else to see. Tonight I actually finished putting on 2 LED undebody kits, and 2 LED wheel well kits on it, and It is awesome looking! I have the rollbar off of it right now, because I am having it acid dipped and rechromed this winter. I am also taking all of KC lights completely apart, and I bought DDM TUNING 55 watt 3000K for them which I am retrofitting to have all HID off road lights on the rollbar. Glad to hear from you scooter, keep me posted about your truck as well.......................AMY
    10. cfolk2008
      Sweet... did you have to put a leveling kit on it?
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    San Diego
    Customer Service Rep, GlockStore
    06 Silverado LS Crew Cab
    Im a 25, year old father and former Marine.

    Working on the truck. And riding Bike out at the desert.

    GlockStore Customer Service Rep, hit me up for all you Glock Needs.


    Douglas Pittsley--Glockstore –Customer Service Rep|Phone:(800)601-8273|
    4.8L Vortec | 6inch Lift | 35'' BFG ALL TERRAINS | K&N Intake | AirRaid Throttle Body Space | 3inch straight pipe dumped at rear axle | BlackBear Tuned | 2 13in JL Audio Subs | 1000watt HD amp, 2.9 cap | Kenwood Dble Din | Gibson Hi Flo Cats | HIDs Hi/Los 55watt 8000k |4.56 gears |
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