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Apr 8, 2011
    1. LivysMan
      Thank you! and sometimes when I look at it in person, the 35s do look a lil small! I plan on add-a-leafs in the rear and go with 37s! are you goin to regear? I definitely recommend it! I havn't spent the $1,400. yet.. cause I spent $2,700. on a tranny rebuild cause I didnt regear! lol
      what 9"s of lift are you gettin? what lift do you have now?
    2. LivysMan
    3. 03chevyguy
      i haven't decided yet, i'm gonna try the 37" out and see how the truck runs, cus im thinking of ditching the independent suspension to go with a solid axle
    4. dsrtne1
      No, I have it dumped because i think it looks cleaner that way. I don't like tailpipes too much.
    5. lsutoms
      it would more so depend on how their made... most people use the same wood... i cant think of what it is but its just compressed wood... kind of like press board but it is very tightly packed... i think the smallest it comes is 3/4 inch... also depends on how sealed up all of your corners and edges are.. if they are leaking air then this will make a difference.. if they do not have enough air space for the subs that you buy this will also make a difference... i had 2 polk audio MM 12's in there and i just put 2 Kicker CVT 12's in there and the kicker sound 200 times better! i would deffinately reccomend them.. i got two of them for $200... and they are shallow mount...
    6. Gambit
      no problemo, but so i know for sure is your three door a 2000 or 1999? that is going to bother me. I could have sworn by 2000 4 door was standard.
    7. lsutoms
      Hey buddy yes those subs are 12"s.. I couldn't find a box at the time so my cousin and I custom made these boxes took about 8 hours... Since I have found a site which has boxes for 12's.. I don't know how the quality is on these boxes though... They look good I think though!

      Here's the web site if u want the demensions to mine though I'll measure them when I get a chance
    8. Gambit
      There is a small Chance that I am mistaken but i am 99% sure that by 2000 they were standard 4 door. But like i said i could be mistaken. Run your VIN it will tell you what year it was built. Did you find the pull tab?
    9. Gambit
      Yeah you have a 2000 so you have 4 doors vice my 3. But at the front corner of the seat if you look under it you will see a pull tab. Pull it HARD and it will release and fold back up towards the back rest. If you dont have one on the driver side (which you should having 4 doors and all) go around to the passenger side.
    10. Gambit
      Shoot man i wish i remembered. It was a long time ago that i got them. I got them from LMC truck though. Go to their website and order a free catalog.
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