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    1. ippielb
      Well, I got my tires used, with only 4000kilometers on them, and i paid $218 a piece. or $875 for all 4 of them, i got a really good deal.
    2. Alexschiltz
      No they're 16's. 18's would be nice though haha
    3. cascott325
      stock flares as far as i know. they were on the truck when i bought it
    4. mjalstad
      the CEL won't come up from the tune of a programmer. It is from the Mass Air Flow Sensor. The aftermarket MAF sensors that Jet and Granatelli sell are just stock ones that they have ported out and removed the screen. So there will be more air going through than what it tells the computer making it run lean. My truck was already running on the lean side when I got it (+9 fuel trims) so the added air pushed it to the point of maxing out the fuel trims and the CEL would come on every few days. With the predator, I adjusted my fuel injector curve through the "modify custom parameters" option to get the fuel trims right on.
    5. mjalstad
      I prefer the predator. It has a lot more advanced features on it. On the hypertech, all you can do as far as engine performance is regular tune or premium tune. The predator allows you to choose those but then you can customize things such as if you want to add or remove timing or change your fuel injector curve. I don't know if you are familiar with aftermarket mass air flow sensors or not, but they allow more air in which usually pegs out your trucks fuel trims. So your truck will run lean and the check engine light will come on. with the predator, I was able to adjust the fuel curve to get it right back to normal. Also, I noticed I was getting a little engine knock so I was able to retard my spark timing a little bit. The predator also lets you view real time data which is very helpful if you ever have any problems, so it is a powerful diagnostic tool as well. As far as power goes, they are both the same which is expected since both companies are doing the same thing.
    6. MWright936
      There was no noticeable difference between the two. That's why I switched to Mobil 1. People told me unless I was racing my truck, I wasn't going to see any added benefits with Royal Purple. I've used Mobil 1 in the last 3 oil changes and it's great stuff. I buy the 5 qt. jug at Wal-Mart for $28 (I think) and then just another single quart.
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