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Oct 16, 2012
    1. mah2496
      How do you like the Hypertech Max Energy Econ programmer? I've been looking for something simple that will improve mpg in my 07 5.3L NBS silverado.
    2. Burden33
      no problem im going to be ordering through my buddys shop but there are websites on-line i heard spyder makes a good wheel spacer.
    3. Burden33
      cause a positive off set push's the wheel in too the truck more and a negitive brings it out you might need 1.5" spacer too clear the oversize knuckles and ball joints.like right not im running a 20x9 rim with a 0 offset so im sticking out about .75 offset where my dad is running a 20x9 with a +10 or +18 off set which his rims and tires sit flush to the fender like a stock wheel that comes on it. but if u get wheel spacer make sure you tighten them all befor anything im going to be picking up a set of 1.5 now next month when my 6" lift gets installed.
    4. Burden33
      i would not recommend useing a wheel spacer since ur aftermarket wheels are already a 5.5" and all you need is 5" of back spacing the most you might have to do is trim a lil more then you usally would all the wheel spacer is going too do is push it out even further plus the only reason there useing the wheel spacer on stock 17 is cause there is not enough back spacing to clear the over size ball joints. the other thing is, is the rims a positive offset or a negitive.
    5. dannyhash32
      hey sorry have not checked back for a while, but turns out i thought i was having ball joint problems thats why i said that. it was only the used wheels and tires i bought doing all the vibrating. i have since bought new wheels and tires and am having great luck with everything
    6. silverado joe
      silverado joe
      well i really did not have the right tools like impact gun and such..i used all hand tools so it kind of was a pain so it took a little longer. took about 5 1/2 hours but with power tools prob could have done it in 3-4 hours
    7. chschevy58
      that link i sent you with the buddy who has the 4 inch readylift kit .... he is running 17's???????
    8. chschevy58
      i have heard people complain about the 3 inch rough country lift causing problems with ball joints and riding rough. if you were going to spend 1000 on the readylift 4 inch kit ... i recommend you go with the 5 inch rough country lift which is about 1000. it would look great with 33's and you could go 35's later down the road if you wanted
    9. dlg804
      My truck is only leveled out but your gas will go down a little bit.I am liifting my truck soon.I just bought a six inch procomp lift. I was looking at getting the lift you want but 35" tires wouldn't fit. That why I went with the 6" lift.
    10. Shorty 71
      Shorty 71
      No problem!
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    Software Development & Test Manager
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