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Nov 13, 2008
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New Member, from Portland Oregon

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Jul 2, 2012
    1. stephan
      Hey Thundare, No, I am down south. NWest of Grants Pass, & SWest of Roseburg.
    2. bvogts25
    3. zackyv55146
      haha damn that vid is way old that was before i even did my engine swap i dont have any new videos last one i did was a walk around of the truck after i put my underglow kit on. but i have a dyno day coming up soon ill record a video of that.
    4. zackyv55146
      which video?
    5. Springthing
      at least once a week just around here. If I'm on the road and/or going somewhere just about every second or third stop, be it gas station, restaurant or store. :)
    6. Dukeschevy
      I'll take it off your hands haha, thats the exact year Burban I want
    7. b8k2jha
      Damn, guess Ill have to wait till 2marrow I cant find my cd!
    8. Silverado Junkie
      Silverado Junkie
      Hey, if you think the 5.7l is the best engine ever, you should join my new club. The 5.7l Owners Club.
    9. azdrtdog
      Sweet group can i join? and i would like to submit mine for main pic (she's so sweet) YA i've got better pics just can't find the cord for cam to load em'
    10. Springthing
      Doing alright. I've had real life catch up with me in the past few months. I'm trying to get back on again but it's been one thing after the other. We'll see what the future brings! Take care!
    11. Eddie Z71
      Eddie Z71
      Hey thanks, I feel like I did 20 years ago! LOL!( but I don't move as quick)
    12. SilveradoBrett
      Glad you liked it! Not a problem! I posted a comment on the picture but I didnt know if you would get a notification of that. I was saying that I dont really like bashing ford too hard because after all I own one. LOL But the chevy is the daily driver for a reason....I like not breaking down. Well SilveradoBlues is a post of my chevy breaking down but thats the only time she has left me high and dry. I like the because your girlfriend hates ford one the best. Thats why its my avatar!
    13. SilveradoBrett
      Hey, I saw you liked the "I would rather push a chevy than drive a dodge" picture. But you mentioned you would rather have it say ford. I made you one! Its in the same album as the others. Enjoy!
    14. Springthing
      Had a full house - had a nice early dinner and then sat on the couch for the rest of the day trying to recoup!
    15. Springthing
      Wuttup, home boy? How was your Easter?
    16. Springthing
      Muahaha! Ya, I did the headlights... Glad they look good. :)
    17. Springthing
      Well, the stuff that *I* do is minor. LOL Putting on a bullbar isn't major, installing audio and changing out switches isn't too major.. I'm not even able to do my own brake change! Maybe I should specify: "Minor mechanical - moderate accessories and electrical." LOL - Thanks for all the comments.
    18. Springthing
      That WAS my smile! lol
    19. ChevyFan
      Not trying to guilt anyone into anything. :-)
    20. ct9a
      Definitely keep me in the loop for the destruction of the Ford. I love that stuff.
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    Home page:
    Portland Oregon
    General labor
    1995 Chevy Silverado, Chevy Tahoe, Ford F150



    1995 Chevy Silverado
    Fully loaded!!!
    4Wheel Drive
    5.7 Liter
    Best Engine In The World!!!!!
    Once i had a nearly dead battery and was only able to get 1 slow crank per attempt, Once to the fifth crank she fired up! (True Story)
    Do you have a Tahoe,Yukon or a suburban? Join My Group
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