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    1. AMac
      Well I won't be using it since it was the rear emblem and it doesn't fit on the front. I should have kept the grille emblem but tossed it because I broke one of the tabs. Now I know to keep all parts regardless of their shape/condition, because they could be used in another project. I might do some paint work to it down the road but will leave it for now. Bummer. thank you for the tip and pics!
    2. AMac
      I've been a little busy over the past couple days but I was able to clean off the adhesive using Turtle Wax Adhesive Remover. There is a little bit left so I'll finish with lacquer thinner. I have the AMI bowtie up front which is very thin and I believe it will fit right into where the gold bowtie was. I bought some 3M adhesive to stick it on and then will have to use more adhesive to stick it to the grill. I'll send you some snapshots of the end results but it won't be for another couple days. Thank you again for the idea!
    3. AMac
      thank you for tip I'm working on it now. I used fishing line instead and am just taking off some of the glue now.
    4. AMac
      oh so it had that chrome border? Mine has a black border
    5. AMac
      Where did you get your rear bowtie? That is exactly what I need for my grille emblem. I got the AMI powder-coated emblem w/out border.
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    "Coming through in a new Chevy, droppin' game like it's too heavy."
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