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Dec 17, 2012
    1. BillM
      It is a 5.3. And, It works for me! I should have dyno'd it before I installed the blower, then I would have known the gain. But, only if I had it dyno'd on the same dyno. Dynos work that way.....Not all agreeing on the Horsepower. Different dyno may have had a higher gain?
    2. silverado469
      they are the boost wheels with a +14 offset 5.5" backspacing, i wish i wouldve gone with a 0 offset though...and thank you, they just came out this year and not many people have them
    3. ajarman
      What's up! I ditched the ReadyLift 1.5" spacer and rear blocks and kept the 3/4" bottom spacer on in addition to the Rancho 4" suspension kit. With running the stock wheels I had to get some custom made 10mm spacers upfront but everything feels and rides great. I am trying to pick out some wheels right now to hope to get them next month. What's new with yours? Still loving that rear bumper?
    4. mfleetwood
      Glad to see you back and active!!!!
    5. bacon89
      Hey man! just an update over the weekend i got the spot lights installed behind the grill! check out the photos in my album.
    6. ajarman
      Let me know how things turn out!
    7. ajarman
      It is odd how that makes you feel aint it. Is it at the dealership or just a shop? Looks like they would have touched base with you if it should have been ready yesterday....
    8. ajarman
      Thank buddy!!! What's been new with you?
    9. jbjohnson92f
      thanks, i stole it off a t-shirt companys website, they got some really good ones
    10. Adam
      Aight, I would like for my truck to sit like that one...Looks sweet! Im trying to decide wether or not to get a BB tune or tires and rims. I'm kinda leaning towards the tune and maybe getting some nitto trail grappler for my stock wheels and then upgrading the wheels later. Thanks for the response.
    11. Als09Sierra
      Thanks. That is sweet looking. I hope they make it, although with gas prices on the rise, who knows what'll happen.
    12. Rockstarrchevy81
      Yeah man they seem to be holding up really well and haven't had any wear on them or any fading for over a year now and they keep all the water out and they aren't loud like some other's that make allot of noise either.
    13. Rockstarrchevy81
      Rockstarrchevy81 Hey man this like it too the vent visor's they are on sale on this site for $68.95 for the front set and rear set for all 4 windows they were $94.36 i very truly recommend this site on all auto accesories they have the cheapest price on the web and everything is shipped free and fast!
    14. Rockstarrchevy81
      Hey man glad you like the way it looks debadged man, they are not the ones that go under the window seals and attach these have adhesive and are very easy to install, i don't like the look of the one's that go under the door seals but these are the AVS "Auto Ventshade" Brand i forgot how much i paid for them but they will have them online a good website too look at is check there buddy.
    15. coldsteel1993
    16. coldsteel1993
      No it was what i was known as in the Army.
    17. bacon89
    18. sgtsjj
      ya i wish i could claim the hummve being mine its tech army, but ya i love my ext cab i couldnt have a reg cab and a 4 door would have been way to big
    19. sgtsjj
      thats the way to look at it, ill enter mine into the rotm once ive gotten a little farther on what i want done to it
    20. sgtsjj
      hey man good luck i voted for you truck its close but i hope you win
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