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Milan Michigan
army national gurad, and construction

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    1. 04blackgmc
    2. 04blackgmc
    3. 04blackgmc
      i got it from my work but has no warranty on it.. have to tried slow charging it a few times, that usually works..
    4. 04blackgmc
      hey man seeing hows it going i got a G8GT now...i put a cam in the gto and a week later a old dude ran a red light and t boned me and totalled it...g8 is already running 13.0 with just a tune i did for it and a CAI....
    5. Calbaby968
      Sorry about the long delay on the reply. It's been a hectic couple months with work and I haven't been able to get on. I absolutely love the FCII's. I have a 325/80/16 set with 28K on them and half tread left and I bought a 38x15.50x20 set this summer. I love the tire. It rides smooth and is very quiet. I got the 38's from Jordan Tire in Canton,OH. I couldn't touch his price. Closest was 400 bucks.
    6. CamoRig
      I retired from the ARMY in 2004, I live near a base in Ga, Ft. Gordon, right now. I am a signal puke and ended my career here as a Tactical Satellite Comapny 1SG. I took 50 young souls to IRAG in 03 and brought all of them home in 04 and that was enough for me. WAR is a young man's game, which is where my 26 yr old son is on his second tour right now.
      I am proud to be associated with the US Military, and try my best to always thank the service members I run into for their service so they don't forget that as a whole most of us Americans are proud of our Military men and women.
      I was able to see and do some crazy things in my 21 years and I seem to remember the good times more then the bad. But then again I think 3 feet of Mud and a Steady rain fall is a recipe for a great time!
    7. 04blackgmc
      Hell ya man i wanna see it, i still someday want to buy a older truck and fix it up
      67-72 body style is what i want
    8. 04blackgmc
    9. 04blackgmc
      Hell ya the more toys the more fun lol..
      i can only afford one now since the house
      here is a pic for ya.

      garage which is a 1 car but still a good size for me

      and back yard area
    10. 04blackgmc
      thats always the bad part lol..
      whats gas there now?
      its 2.74 here
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    Milan Michigan
    army national gurad, and construction
    1987 Chevy blazer
    2002 Chevy 2500HD 4x4
    past vehicles
    2004 GMC seirra
    2000 GMC sonoma ZR2
    my names warren im 19 i got 2004 GMC 1500

    off roading snowmobiles fourwheelers dirt bikes


    2004 GMC Sierra
    pace headers
    magna flow muffler
    gm performance intake
    305/70/16 Toyo MT
    16in hello maxx rims
    1987 Chevy K5 blazer
    stock 350
    4" lift 35s
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