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  1. Thanks, so could that mean that my fuel light...

    Thanks, so could that mean that my fuel light comes on with 7 or so gallons in the tank..
  2. How big a tank does a 2002 2500 3/4 SUV's have?

    My car was showing running on empty, with fuel light on, and I filled up gas at 32 gallons... Any idea how big the tank is?

  3. The Suburban... The work continues... 2002 3/4 Ton 2500

    The truck work continues, I'll post an interior shot. I do love driving it on this vacation.

    See Thule rack on the top. What great timing when my neighbor was walking it to the trash.

    Now I...
  4. 2002 Suburban, new JUMP Seat, the work continues


    Well quick update on my 2002 (the one I bought from the State Police in NJ)

    Front Center JumpSeat:
    Bought on ebay the 9th passenger folding jump seat from a sierra pickup, the one with...
  5. Speaker grill in rear of 2002 Suburban, What goes in there

    In the rear of my 2002 Suburban, there is a round large (like about 6") speaker cutout (underneath the plastic panel), in the far rear of the truck, it looks like it is only on the drivers side, any...
  6. Middle front seat for 2002 Suburban 2500

    I'm bidding on center console/jump seat for my 2002 Suburban 2500. I like the newer one that has the three cupholders across the top. Anyone have any history with these in a 2002?
  7. Is there a wing or something I can put on back of 2002 Suburban

    Since the barn doors on my 2002 suburban 2500 have no wiper, is there any kind of rear wing you can put back there to keep them clean?

    Also I got the latches for the floor for my third row seat...
  8. Ok can you see the Avatar now? Thanks for your...

    Ok can you see the Avatar now? Thanks for your help if I got it fixed :)

    Now back to the interior work, but with the new Pioneer headunit, and Rockford/Fosgate amp, it sounds great in there :)
  9. Is it that I am just an "apprentice" or is there...

    Is it that I am just an "apprentice" or is there something else as I dont see where I can "edit" profile, I see customize profile, but not a place there to change the avatar.
  10. Replies

    Great, I have a hole (they had up there the...

    Great, I have a hole (they had up there the switches for the police lights, and I have a square hole, I'll post a picture of it tomorrow. I can feel around up in there, I'd like the long console,...
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    Overhead console in 2002 Suburban?

    Hi, My suburban was used as a state police car, so when I got it there is hole in the headliner where they rigged up the cop lights etc.. I would like to cover the hole, I've seen some nice long...
  12. Hey got the truck detailed today...

    You know the vinyl seats and floor liner look great now...

    Anyone know of something different like Sheepskin covers etc for the front seats...

    Also how do I get my picture to update?
  13. Any suggestion of what to pay? or to offer I was...

    Any suggestion of what to pay? or to offer I was thinking $800 for all three rows of leather seats and center console?
  14. Smiling, what is a tuner, sorry I dont know what that is?

    What kind of mileage could I expect on a 2002 Suburban 2500 with the 6 liter engine, with and without a tuner,

    Sorry I dont know really what that is. I understand intake and exhaust.. I'm looking...
  15. Ok now time to tackle interior.. 2002 Suburbanan 2500 "commercial"


    What I'd like is the nicest leather seating set (dark Gray/black/graphite) that I could put into the truck. It would be super if they were heated. Has anyone had any experience putting in a...
  16. My 2002 Suburban 2500 (you guys are great!)

    Thanks to everyone here. My 2002 Suburban 2500 (From the NJ State Police Auction) I bought as noted with a "bad transmission" and I had it towed to a reputable trans shop. Installed a 850CCA truck...
  17. This is a GREAT Group!! 2002 2500 "Commercial"

    I came to you with a vehicle that they said needed a "new" trans, and I had it towed to a trusted trans shop, changed the battery with a 850CCA battery new, and presto... No Trans problem on my 2002...
  18. You Guys are Amazing...

    We checked the trans fluid, it looked fine, and fixed the power steering cooler. Took the truck out on the road, and everything is working fine. They are going to change the trans fluid (while she is...
  19. Hi, Where is the best place to see other interior setups for Suburbans?

    Hi, Where is the best place to see other interior setups for Suburbans?

    I like your idea of checking others out.

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    Hey you must know lots about these transmissions..

    I have one in my 2002 2500..

    It was the NJ Governor's parade motorcycle tow vehicle in NJ

    The truck drove fine into the impound lot for the state auction, no tow, drove in with no problems..
  21. Any suggestions for great stereo stuff for a 2002 2500?

    Hi, Any suggestions for a great stereo rig for a 2002? I want bluetooth for my cellphone, and I'd also like an ipod connection. Would like cool speakers (what do you suggest) all in factory openings,...
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    Hey if you see that link for 2002 Lights let me know :)

    I'd truly appreciate it, and would like both brighter bulbs and clearer lenses..
    thanks again.
  23. I thought the seat belts would be part of the seat?

    I dont have any sign of seat belt holders in the panels on the side of the truck.. interesting point.
  24. Will the third row seat from a 1998 Suburban fit in a 2002 2500?

    I have found a nice blue leather rear (3rd) seat for a suburban for $165, but it is from a 1998. It matches ok with my blue vinyl middle seat, and front seats.

    Does anyone know what would be...
  25. I 'll take 02 2500 truck to a detail shop as it is.. and see how the floor cleans up

    31820What do you guys pay to have a Suburban detailed.

    One of the first things I need to do is get the remnants of the state police stickers off of her, and figure a smart detailer is a good...
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