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    2010 2.4 Nox Issues

    I have one w/ 16k miles, found lots of issues on town-hall '10 'nox forum, here's my tale of woe.....

    What started it all this evening (Sat 9pm 8/13/11), I was looking out the...
  2. Tricia, Talked to service and they hadn't...


    Talked to service and they hadn't heard of the issue, but my wife talked w/ Verizon Wireless this AM & it turns out it was the way it was "paired." She had to delete the phone from the...
  3. Bluetooth won't disconnect from phone after key off.....

    ...this is on our '10 nox, but I'm sure its all the same system in all lines. When you shut the ignition key off, the bluetooth is supposed to disconnect from the phone, it doesn't, this just started...
  4. Yes I did Tricia thx for asking, took pix &...

    Yes I did Tricia thx for asking, took pix & emailed the owner (I worked for him part time 10 yrs ago), said he'd ck stock & hit me back when he knew they had it, my wife could bring it over & they'd...
  5. 2010 Rear BowTie emblem on tailgate delaminating

    ...had the same problem on our '07 HHR, anyone else w/ this issue?? This is on '10 1500 Silverado WT (in MA).

  6. Plug Gap - Different brand / different gap ??

    Does any one know why some brands of Iridium plugs spec a .060 gap while the AC Iridium is gaped at .040???

    Autolite XP Iridium => .060

    Every vendor I look at has the gap at.060 & the Autolite...
  7. Thread: spark plugs????

    by rski43

    67 Mustang 390 - take tire off, fire up blue...

    67 Mustang 390 - take tire off, fire up blue wrench (torch), smoke hole thru inner fender well in proper place, put socket on extension thru hole! YUP, that's the way we did it in the "old" days.!
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