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  1. issue resolved - New heater core

    Okay, so after several weeks I finally replaced the "new" heater core with another. The heat was working immediately. I took the old one out, filled it with water about 1/2 way and rocked it from...
  2. The old heater core was making plenty of heat. I...

    The old heater core was making plenty of heat. I did unhook both of the lines at the source and lowered the outlet to allow fluid to drain out of it. I guess about a liter drained out. I raised both...
  3. Okay, the air pocket was purged out of the...

    Okay, the air pocket was purged out of the system. I still do not have heat. The REAR heat now works, but no heat up front...The air flow vents work (floor, defrost, vent, etc..) and when I move the...
  4. Thanks for the tip. I will try it tonight. I...

    Thanks for the tip. I will try it tonight. I thought after a week that the air pockets would work themselves out of the system....Oh well we will see what happens tonight.
  5. '94 Suburban Heater Core-REPLACED, water not flowing through it- No Heat

    Replaced a leaky heater core last week. Got an Autozone unit. Heat not working. removed the cover to expose heater core tonight. The inlet and outlet lines were hot. Could not touch them for more...
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    Rough Idle-EGR Diagnosis '94 suburban

    Stock 94 sububan, 2WD, 350 V8.
    The check ingine light comes on after 20 minutes of driving, pulled codes using paper clip method and EGR is suspect.
    Using the Chilton's manual I performed the 2...
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    Problem fixed

    It was the belt that was the wrong size. Funny, but I had run this belt for years and now it decides to come off.
    I believe the alternator voltage was the deciding factor on the belt size.
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    Tensioner applies plenty of pressure to belt, the...

    Tensioner applies plenty of pressure to belt, the pulleys on tensioner are good and tight, no wobble at all.

    I have since given up all hope and took it to the mechanic. I will keep you all...
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    Tesnioner pulley position

    Thanks, but no noise from the A/C compressor, it and turning the wheel just cause too much load on the belt.

    The tensioner pulley seems to move all the way in the way in the down position so it...
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    accessory belt comes off

    '94 suburban, 5.7L, 2WD.
    Belt came off Thursday last week while wife driving. I went and put the belt back on, it was pretty tore up so I went straight to auto parts store and put on a new one...
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