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  1. Midgates on Body on Frame trucks.. why not?

    The Ava has a midgate.. but IMO, it's just too complicated and that truck is just too closed up for my taste anyways.

    Anybody know of any design or engineering reason why Chevy would not be able...
  2. Would Chevy implement a RamBox like feature?

    Eventhough the first versiosn of the Dodge RamBox have not been perfect.. issues with lid fading and cheap plastic containers.. the idea is simply brilliant IMO and a really desireable and successful...
  3. yeah.. love to haul ass nice and slow. :) ...

    yeah.. love to haul ass nice and slow. :)

    Since they are re-inventing the compact trucks in 2013/2014 I've thought about the perfect SUV/truck(ie) in my dreams.. and it's 2 feet shorter than any...
  4. How about some back seat action?

    I've never been able to get over the 2001 K5 Concept. I think the design of it inspires a lot of possibilities in versatility.


    But maybe it could be smarter.. Ideally the back seats can...
  5. GM Bare Neccessities Concept from 2008/09? What's coming in 2012?

    I know there is some really funny looking GMC Graniten based concept truck that's really small that was modeled recently. but whatever happened to the model discussed in the Bare neccessities concept...
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    2010 big fat negative rims/tires .. fit/ Options/Advice

    Looking at a 2010 WT and want to upgrade rims/times, but also want to accomplish two things...

    - A more negative offset (wider stance) with biggest fattest tire I can fit with no rubbing or...
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    Chevy's V6 4.3 vs other V6s

    I drove the chevy 2003 v6 4.3 Vortec in small blazer for 5 years. Always found that engine to have great torque, but often it sounded like I was pulling a boat and could never do better than 13mpg.
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    Sure if I can getting it running good and strong...

    Sure if I can getting it running good and strong again I'll drop ideas of major changes. Learning it will be kinda of an extreme change if I need to change the fuel pump and distributor as well.
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    87 TBI to Carb conversion? Yah or Nah?

    Anybody take this on? Good Idea? recommended parts? What can I expect to pay in parts and labor?

    I have an 87 with a 305. It currently has a Edelbrock intake and Holley TBI. It once ran strong,...
  10. 87 C10 Holley Throttle Body to Edelbrock gasket leaks

    My mechanic has tried several gaskets with no luck. They all leak causing erratic engine idle. Is there a special gasket or adapter?
    BTW, can anybody tell me exactly what Holley and Edelbrock part...
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    87 c10.. is it 305 or 350

    When I purchased my truck a few months ago I was really surprised at how strong it was running and so pressumed it to be a 350. Later, i found out the sticker said 5.0. duh.

    I just got back from...
  12. Trucks with CVT - Continuous Variable Transmission

    I'm reading and am surprised to learn GM is running CVT transmission in there new trucks.

    My wife has a CVT transmission in her 4 cylinder jeep patriot and I was very surprised with how well that...
  13. Getting 34...

    Getting 34
    MAP sensor(voltage low)
    MAF sensor

    I found the oil pressure sending unit, but can't reach it (6'2, 250).
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    Sticky: OBD1 Trouble codes

    Good source for info on DTC OBD1

    Getting 34
    MAP sensor(voltage low)
    MAF sensor

    I found the oil pressure sending unit, but can't reach it (6'2, 250).
  15. unplugged, where did you get that diagram? Is...

    unplugged, where did you get that diagram? Is there a complete online guide for these trucks? I've been looking at the one in autozone, but it's lacking.

    I'm getting error code 34 MAP...
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    Figuring out missing part on 87 c10

    87 R10 (c10) 305 TBI.

    There is an air line into where the oil is dispensed. I suspect there was an L-shapped connector where we now have gooey duct tape How can I find that part number? and will...
  17. Checking oil pressure when guage not working

    87 c10 305 TBI. Oil pressure gauge is not working. Its all the way to the right?

    Any way to check oil pressure without it?
    What are the likely causes for the guage not to work? Will I likely...
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    Thanks. I think The floor looks awesome painted...

    Thanks. I think The floor looks awesome painted .. it's not as quite, but it's clean and easy to maintain. I'll drop in some chevy floor mats. The old rug and insulation smelled of old dog piss soup....
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    cheap Headers and mufflers from summit

    I've got a crack in my exhaust manifold.. so I was thinking of installing some cheap headers and dual (flowmaster knockoff) muflers straight back with no cats

    Summit G9006 Headers, Full-Length,...
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    In Miami - 33174

    Dark Blue 1987 C10 Shortbed. ... mostly I drive it on weekends to HomeDepot and the autopart and listen to some country music. I like seeing it parked in my driveway.

    If you guys know of a...
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    the fuel filter was recetly changed. Im planning...

    the fuel filter was recetly changed. Im planning my first oil change and a transmission flush. I will try new plugs and lines for sure.

    If that don't help, I'll look into the seafoam,likely as a...
  22. :) .. my daily driver is a 4 cylinder little jeep...

    :) .. my daily driver is a 4 cylinder little jeep with 11.9 inch wide tires that everybody said would never fit and no math would ever support. I think there might be something missing in your...
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    Is my 87 C10 okay?

    I'm not a mechanic. I'm looking for somebody to tell me what I'm seeing is typical and and not a big issue with old 87 C10. I'd like to invest some money on rims/tires and exhaust ($1600) and like to...
  24. Will 325/60/15 on 15x10 (-44 offset) rub on stock 2wd 87 C10

    I'm currently running 31x10.5 on the 15x8 rally. Plenty of room. But the Rallys have a more positive offset and sit way in.

    Will 325/60/15s (which is around 30.3 x 12.8) on a 15x10 steel Cragars...
  25. 33x12.5 on stock 15x8 Rallys.. where will it rub?

    I know it's been discussed, etc.

    But I was talking to this guy who assured me the rubbing on my 2wd 87 C10 would only be on the outer front lower edge only.. but he was basing this on some 15x10...
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