Well guys I have been an unfortunate one and have gotten bitten by the "pump rub" . I noticed it a few weeks ago and did a quick JB Weld patch on the outside of the case to stall it until I could get the parts so I can fix it. I also put some more fluid to top it off to keep it working. My luck I have a sport bike to drive while I don't drive her much in case something were to happen.

I have just received my parts to fix the issue and will be tearing into it tomorrow after work. She should be up and running by the end of the weekend if all goes well and as planned. I got my main part from Merchant Automotive and is the pump upgrade kit(http://www.merchant-automotive.com/t...grade-kit.aspx). Also I ordered a replacement backer plate that acts as the anti-rattle clip that is put in at the factory.

I plan on taking the drive and output shafts off and dropping the case. After that is said and done I will be putting in the upgrade parts and reenforcing the area that has been grooved out with JB Weld to make it stronger for future. I will try my best to do a write up on it and take pics as I go about the job. Also let you guys know what I would do different or what would make things easier.