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    The 6 'n a half

    From what I was told my dad bought it from someone who used it around the small airport near my town. The guy personaly owned it as well he just used it on the job to move things around and I think to tow small airplanes to the shop. When he bought it, it was about 4 or 5 years old at the time and he got it for a good price because my dad was always good at talking prices down. My dad had it from then on and used it just about every day to get to and from work. About 3 years before I got my licence he took it off the road and bought a, (dare I say it) dodge truck. So it ended up sitting in the back of of the yard for those 3 years and was only started about once every 5 months. Then about a year before I got my licence my dad ended up putting it up for sale and a few people looked at it. I was really upset that he was selling it because I basicaly grew up in the truck. I told him not to sell it but he had already said that he had another person coming to look at it, and if they didn't want it he would hang on to it for me. Strangly enough for some reason the truck developed a small leak at the output seal of the transmission. When the person saw that he decided he didn't want it because he wasn't sure if something else was messed up. Thankfuly he didn't buy it so I got to keep it. Over the next yea before I got my licence I put some money into it and got the exhause fixed up, new brakes, clutch, tires, and fluid changes. When I got it, it had about 185,000 miles on it. My dad always said I would be lucky if it make it to 200,000 miles. But 5 years later its got 250,000 miles on it and it's never broken down on me once. It got me through highschool and drove me 120 miles or more everyday when I went to school for diesel training. It still runs like new and burns almost no oil between changes. It still leaks oil from the output seal on the transmission. It's small enough that I almost never have to top it off but it keeps the undernieth oiled, and I have no intention of fixing it anytime soon.

    Next stop... 300,000 miles!

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