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    Default 80 k10 chevy no fuel to carb 350 target master

    ok im stumped i have a 80 k10 with 350 i was driving home from work and the truck died thought maybe it was outta gas so i put some gas and that didnt work pulled gas cap off and didnt work so it aint vapor locked then new fuel pump, didnt work new sending unit in tank, still nothing put quadrajet off my 79 which runs fine on still no fix, ran straight hose between fuel tank and fuel pump no fix not getting gas in carb what else could it be?? please any help could the lobe on the cam be wore or maybe the fuel rod or something else? ive never had a problem like this i can pour gas in carb and it runs good till i stop so suggestions????

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    try putting a hose in a gas can and see if the fuel pump picks it up. if not you bought a bad fuel pump.did you make sure the rod was up when you put the new fuel pump in.

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    Double check to make sure the fuel pump arm is under the cam lobe when to put it in. it is possible to put it on the top, then it will not work at all.

    Then, take the fuel line off at the carb, put end of line in a container of some sort and crank. If pump is installed correctly, and has fuel to the pump from the tank, it will spray out. If no spray, then work backwards to the tank.

    You probably have some vent lines on that system, and those rubber hoses can crack, and when they do, the pump will suck air instead of fuel. so check all of your rubber lines around the tank, especially vent lines.
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    This may be too obvious, but have you checked the fuel filter? If that's good, then you need to check for air leaks in the suction side of the fuel pump and the fuel pressure at the carb end.
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    Im with you on this problem too. I just built a 454 and have the same problem. Fuel lines are not clogged, tried two different fuel pumps, the rod moves in and out on the lobe, and there is no fuel filter between the tank and the pump on my truck to get plugged. Still I have no fuel to the carb. If you figure it out please keep me informed.

    Thank You
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    have you tried taken the fuel pump.connect a hose to it. stick it in a gas can to see if the pump picks it up.if it does. you have one of the hoses crossed on the sending unit.

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    Yes it is the second fuel pumo i tried it with and still it isn't pumping gas.

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    if it was me i would put a electric fuel pump on it.

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    I figured the problem out. The truck I have has a large return line and a small in line. The Fuel pump I bought has a large fuel line and small return line connector, so I hooked the lines up according to there size. The small connector is marked in but thats not the case. The size of the hoses and the connectors do not match.

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