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    Default trucker girl and truck nutz

    I heard a few people talking about how the trucker girl mudflaps and truck nutz are gonna be banned by the senate. Has anyone else heard anything about either of these topics?
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    That seems a bit ridiculous, when if they wanted to focus their energy on censoring something they could look to TV.
    Otherwise I have to say this is the first I've heard of it.
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    maybe its just something they wanna do in Maryland

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    Truck nutz are already illegal in VA (as well as those calvin peeing stickers)

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    WTF? why don't those commie idiots do something more constructive??

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    well now i know i am not the only person who has heard about this. i hope MD dont do it too

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    Huh, I've not heard of any resolution like that. These cases are never fun and I think they are usually handled on a state by state basis. It deals with a person's right to free speech while in a public place. There have been numerous cases brought before the supreme court on issues like this in the past.

    There are general communication laws that are different state by state and there are also federal guidelines on what you can say and how you can say it. You can say that you would be happy if someone were to die of cancer. You can not say that you want to kill them. While it's all speech there is a line between the two. Also the same speech is acceptable in different communities. What is acceptable in Salt Lake City isn't necessarily acceptable in Las Vegas, and vice versa.

    Technically, I think it's an artistic expression of speech that is somewhat symbolic. We're not talking about taking a page from playboy and sticking it on the outside of your truck so everyone can see. That's would be illegal becuase you're displaying nudity that in such a way that anyone, including minors, could see it. I guess the question comes does it cross the line of obsenity where you local jurisdiction (local/City/County/State) meets? I remembe seeing these types of things even when I was a kid and I never thought much of it.

    Here in Texas they just passed some laws that kids have to pull up their pants becuase low-hanging pants is now considered a form of flashing. I suspect that someone will file suit against the city about that sometime in the near future.

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