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    Default Oil psi EMERGENCY! help!!

    Its been getting worse, but things just went from bad, to really fu*%in bad.

    My oil psi gauge goes to "0" every time I come to a stop, after the motor warms up....
    I thought it was the sensor, changed it, same thing. so I open the valve cover cap when the gauge is reading "0"... AND NO OIL IS GETTING TO THE VALVE TRAIN
    WTF is going on?! i cant afford a new engine. please tell me its just the oil pump and I can fix it by just dropping the pan.
    has anyone seen this before!?.....

    oil psi was always low, been getting worse, now at 0
    deleted engine oil cooler and went with PH style oil filter with no problems
    when i start the truck, needle reads 50 psi... as the temp gauge climbs, oil psi drops
    when i open the valve cover cap with the engine hot and the gauge at 0 no oil is flowing over the valve spring keepers, if I rev the engine a trickle of oil shows up there and in the flow galley at the bottom of the head... but at first, there is nothing! =(
    new oil, just changed completely full of 10w30
    please help!
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    If the engine has the proper amount reading on the dip stick and you have no leaks pumping oil out of the engine then i would suspect the pump is done. Dont run the engine at all anymore until you change the pump.

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    i heard that there is a device that can screw on the place of the oil filter to check pressure while the motor runs?

    either way, my first step will be to take it back to the shop that changed my oil.... DAMN THAT COUPON!! lol

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    I would not take it anywhere with no oil pressure! the last thing you need is to blow the motor.

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    yeah i dont think its a spun bearing or a clogged galley way.... because it drops as the engine gets hot
    looking at an exploded diagram i see it has a pressure regulator valve and spring driven by both an idle and/or drive gear... so yeah this is sounding like a failed pump....

    Shop says it could be some kind of plug(s) up by the timing chain that have gone out... theyre getting into it now so well see.....
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    Ok fixed
    calk it up as the first ever oil pump failure
    we put in a stock GM oil pump with 20w50 and now it holds at 20psi at idle.....
    I think the issue was a combination of regulator spring fatigue and growing bearing clearances in the engine.

    from now on im going to run quakerstate oil cause that stuff is thick!

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    Just out of curiosity, with the engine hot and at idle, do you see oil flowing over the valve train? What is the pressure with the correct weight oil? I think 20psi at idle with that weight is not very prommissing, what is it at 2,000 and 3,000 RPM? You should check out this site and decide for yourself if it is a good idea to run that heavy a weight of oil.
    P.S Start saving for a rebuild.
    2000 GMC YUKON SLT, 5.3L tow pkg, G80 rear/w 3.73 gear

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