I have a 1997 GNC Suburban with the 5.7l.
THe power window lock was not working, so I did a dumb thing and jumped the hot lead to one of the other three leads and PRESTO, the other three windows would operate on their own once again. I didn't start the truck then, but everything worked normally with the key in the accessory position.


THe wife tried starting the truck and got nothing. By nothing I mean no dash lights, no cranking, absolutely nothing. As if the battery was removed. I checked the battery and it still has proper voltage.
So I inspected all of the fuses in the underhood box on the driver's side, as well as the fuses in the panel on the driver's end of the dash. All look good.
Wondering if I had blown the starter relay, I swapped in the identical relay from the A/C. Still nothing.

What else can I check?
Could I have fried the ECM somehow?

If someone has the wiring schematics, I jumped the yellow wire (terminal 1 of 4) to the dark blue wire (3 of 4).
And remember, the damage was done not when I jumped the terminals, but when I tried to start it with those terminals connected.

Please help!